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Someone spent $133,000 on NBA Finals Tickets. What would that get you at Oregon?

NCAA Football: Eastern Washington at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

According to ticketmaster, one very rich fan just dropped $133,000 on their site for a pair of courtisde tickets to tonight’s NBA Finals game between the Warriors and Cavaliers. That includes over $17,000 worth of just fees.

So that got me thinking, if you had that kind of money to spend on a pair of tickets in Eugene, how far could you make that last? For simplicity sake and since it varies on site to site, let’s take fees out of the equation and value the tickets at $116,000.

If you had $116,000 to spend on Oregon men’s basketball tickets and you strived for nothing less than the best, you could get season tickets in the “Midcourt Premier” section ($720 per ticket, plus an annual $500 donation) for 47 and a half years.

If you were cool with the rafters, you could stretch that out to nearly 375 years.

Is football more up your alley? For a pair of season tickets in the club section at Autzen Stadium on the 50-yard line, you could make that $116,000 last over 28 years. And for those last row seats in the corner? Those would be yours for the next 157 years.

If you wanted to have season tickets for both football and men’s basketball in the best seats in the house, those tickets are yours for about two decades.

If you had $133,000 to blow on Oregon sports, how would you spend it?