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NBA Draft Profile: Oregon’s Dylan Ennis

The final professional basketball Duck scouting report

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Rhode Island v Oregon Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For the first time in program history, Oregon has five individuals preparing for the 2017 NBA Draft. The greatest team in program history was loaded with professional talent, such as Jordan Bell, Chris Boucher Dillon Brooks, Tyler Dorsey and Dylan Ennis. I will be previewing them in that order this week, as we prepare for the NBA Draft on June 22.

With our fifth and final NBA Draft Profile, we evaluate Dylan Ennis.


Unfortunately, Ennis was the lone Duck NOT to be invited to the 2017 NBA Combine in Chicago from May 9-14. Therefore, his measurements are not official. As of this moment, Ennis is 6-foot-2 and 194 pounds.


Bell is the great character nice guy. Boucher is relentless. Brooks is the competitive one motivated by hate. Dorsey is the silent assassin. As for the Canadian Ennis, he is the positive influence “team first” defensive-minded leader from Ontario.

Oregon v North Carolina
Dylan Ennis fell to the floor is bitter disappointment following Oregon’s 1-point loss to North Carolina, 77-76, in the 2017 Final Four from Glendale. The senior had nothing to hang his head about, as he played the best game of his college career.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images


The strength above everything else for Ennis is his mindset. His strong will and determination is what separates him from the rest. Most people would have given up a long time ago, but not Ennis. He has fought and battled through life.

If you don’t know about Dylan Ennis, you better ask somebody. He is motivated by the love and support of those around him. People like that do not allow outside negativity to influence them. I couldn’t envision a better day to publish his story than today, Father’s Day.

All season I called Dylan the utility man because he fills in every gap the team was missing. If the Ducks needed a shot of confidence, Ennis was there. If head coach Dana Altman needed rebounding from his guards, Ennis was ripping down a handful. If Oregon needed someone to facilitate the offense, the combo guard would oblige at the point. If UO needed a spark, they knew where to find it.

Ennis can shoot from anywhere on the floor. He can get to the rim off the dribble or without the ball. He is explosive around the rim, with the ability to throw it down with authority. For his height, he plays taller than he is. With a long wingspan, his arms and hands are always deflecting passes on defense.

He plays great defense, can rebound and was fourth on the team in blocked shots (17) in 2016-17. Offensively, he can shoot and dish the rock with the best of them. There really isn’t one glaring skill that he is missing in abundance. We don’t hear it much anymore, but Ennis is an all-around basketball player.

His brother Tyler currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has helped Dylan on and off the basketball court. Even if Dylan wasn’t able to participate in the same showcase events as his former UO teammates, know that he’s still receiving a top-notch NBA education.


He is a 6-foot-2 combo guard. His size will always be a negative against him. Not to mention, Ennis is 25 years old. Officially, the former Duck is the oldest person in the 2017 draft class. After playing at three different schools plus an injury redshirt fifth season at Oregon, nothing has come to Ennis without fight. Why would the NBA be any different?

Ennis is a team guy, therefore he won’t look to take games over. He will take over certain moments, but lacks the selfishness to consistently be the guy.

At times, bigger, more athletic guards will have their way with him. When Ennis matched up with UCLA’s Lonzo Ball twice, he played well. Yet, Ball drilled a game-winner in his face at Pauley Pavilion.

When the point guard wanted to get to the rim on Ennis, he did. Ennis struggles with the bigger guards for an entire game. They will physically wear him down over time, but he holds his own for the most part. During the UNC game, he defended Justin Jackson for a majority of the contest.


I would never question the internal engine of Ennis. This is a kid that started his college basketball career at Rice University. Following his freshman year, he transferred to Villanova for two years before concluding in Eugene. Talk to any prospect that transfers more than once. It’s about nothing but their love and passion for the game.


Statistically, Ennis averaged 10.9 PPG, 4.4 RPG, 3.1 APG and 1.1 SPG during his senior year at Oregon. He shot 36 percent (53-for-148) from 3-point territory in 2016-17, alongside a healthy 48 percent from the field. DE shot a career-high 74 percent from the charity stripe last season.

Ennis scored 10 points or more in 22 of Oregon’s 39 total games in 2016-17. He was as consistent as they come on a nightly basis. Let’s not forget, he registered a career-best 12 rebounds in the first game of the Pac-12 Tournament vs Arizona State.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Oregon vs North Carolina
Everyone may have been talking about Jordan Bell and Tyler Dorsey during the NCAA Tournament, but Dylan Ennis pulled his weight and then some. The sixth-year senior scored 18 points in Oregon’s loss vs UNC during his final collegiate game.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

His “first” senior season ended prematurely in Corvallis due to injury. Yet, the Ducks never lost a home game from Matthew Knight Arena (35-0) during Ennis’ tenure.

With the season on the line against the Tar Heels, Ennis shined brightest for the Ducks. The senior scored 18 points, alongside six boards, three assists, a stolen pass and a blocked shot. The Ontario native shot 50 percent from the floor (5-for-10).


He is a vastly underrated defender. With a longer than normal wingspan, Ennis is able to reach passes most wouldn’t. For 6-foot-2, he is longer than most anticipate. Ennis can guard any of the first three positions, from point guard to small forward.

Even with the slight height disadvantage, Ennis works the match-up into his favor with a savvy skill-set. He can rebound, steal passes and block shots when he is around the rim. He doesn’t get enough credit for his defensive skills.

Take a look at Oklahoma City’s Taj Gibson if you need an example. He was 24-years-old when he was drafted in 2009 by the Chicago Bulls. Last I checked, he was a coveted role-playing millionaire forward in the NBA. You’re only as good as your experience and Ennis has a track record that would impress the Women of Oregon.


There is not a great deal Ennis needs to work on personally. His size is working against him, so there is nothing he can do but go out there and prove people wrong. All you can ask is that he works out for any team that wants to evaluate him. His work ethic and dedication to the game will be abundantly clear to those who watch close enough. Ennis possesses every skill needed to be a professional basketball player.


The reason this scouting report is being created is because Ennis would never stop giving his best effort. After transferring around during his high school and college years, Ennis knows about sacrifice. He understands patience is necessary when you’re trying to build a dream. You think not being drafted will scare him away? Think again.


Ennis will work in any system, but he will be undersized as well. At his height and weight, most nights Ennis will be asked to defend point guards who are the same size or bigger than him. When he switches to the two spot, he will be defending 6-foot-7 guards on average. That is nothing new for Ennis from his time in college. However, those NBA players are a different breed of athleticism.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Oregon vs Iona
Ennis is a vastly underrated defensive player. From rebounding to deflecting passes and blocking the occasional shot, the Canadian can do it all from a defensive standpoint. He waited for the Pac-12 Tournament to unleash a career-high 12 rebounds vs ASU.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Honestly, Dylan Ennis has always reminded me of Corey Brewer. The current Laker and former back-to-back national champion at Florida, Brewer has a skill-set unlike most others. I know, I know, Brewer is 6-foot-9. There are seven inches between him and Ennis, but that is the only difference.

In college, Brewer averaged 13.2 PPG, 4.7 RPG, 2.9 APG and 1.9 steals per contest during his final year with the Gators. Those numbers look awfully similar to what Ennis recorded last season with the Ducks. Not to mention, the guy is seven inches shorter.

His NBA numbers resemble Ennis even further. Over 13 long years of playing professional basketball, Brewer is averaging 9.2 PPG, 2.9 RPG, 1.6 APG and 1.3 SPG. That is a pretty productive career for a guy who doesn’t average double digits in scoring.

Ennis can provide a positive influence in the locker room, alongside steadiness on the floor, why can’t he spend the next decade in the league? I believe in him as a player, but more as a person.


After not being invited to the NBA Combine in May, Ennis went on a mission to showcase himself to whoever would watch. The results have been better than expected.

More than likely, the chip on his shoulder will grow to a boulder on June 22. I don’t see any team drafting Ennis in the first two rounds. Nevertheless, I predict no team will wait longer than 10 minutes after the draft to contact and/or sign him. They may be playing coy right now, but that is out the window when Ennis is up for grabs.

He is making his dream a reality for himself. It is not his agent or his former coaches, it is all Dylan Ennis himself. He is the one flying cross country from practice facility to practice facility.

Personally, I believe the best landing spot for Ennis is in Oklahoma with the best player in the NBA, Russell Westbrook. Alongside Victor Oladipo and Westbrook, Ennis could be a defensive fixture with the Thunder. Additionally, he would be asked to score more with a team severely lacking in that department.

A sleeper location would be with his brother Tyler in Los Angeles. The Lakers already have an older version of Ennis in the form of Corey Brewer. Not to mention, they could have the talent of Lonzo Ball with the No. 2 overall pick. Trust Ennis will know his role. It could be a flawless fit in California for the Canadian.

Recently, Ennis worked out for the Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz and others on the west after heading east for workouts with the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers to name a few. Noted below is a complete list of the teams Ennis worked out for:


Sacramento Kings

Utah Jazz

Los Angeles Lakers

Oklahoma City Thunder

Toronto Raptors

Boston Celtics

Indiana Pacers

Philadelphia 76ers

New York Knicks


Video courtesy of Draft Express via YouTube

This concludes our 5-day NBA Draft Profile segment on Oregon’s big five prospects.

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