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2017 NBA Mock Draft: Projecting Oregon’s Five

Where will each Duck fall? We have the breakdown

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We are nearly 24 hours away from the 2017 NBA Draft in Brooklyn, New York. There is no better time to predict the best possible scenarios for our Ducks.

The lives of Jordan Bell, Chris Boucher, Dillon Brooks, Tyler Dorsey and Dylan Ennis are about to change. Most of them knew this day was coming. The Barclays Center will be the setting for the next generation of professional basketball talent.

So, let’s stop wasting time and get to work. Here is my 2017 NBA Mock Draft:


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Oregon vs Iona
Jordan Bell has witnessed his stock rise significantly since March began. His teammate and current Pac-12 Player of the Year, Dillon Brooks was originally the highest-rated Duck heading into the 2017 NBA Draft. That was before the NCAA Tournament started and before Bell threw his Duck team on his back for Oregon’s first Final Four run in 77 years.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earliest (RD 1 | PICK 15) Portland Trail Blazers

No Duck has seen their stock rise more since the college basketball season concluded. However, it is a matter of opinion with the Long Beach product. Some scouts and GM’s alike are gaga for Jordan. Others are very hesitant to stretch for an undersized enforcer. The Blazers are not only the best landing spot for Bell, but they could be the first to select him. Aside from No. 15, Portland has the No. 20 and 26 selections overall, but nothing in the second round.

Median (RD 1 | PICK 27) Los Angeles Lakers

A lot of media outlets and “experts” are projecting this connection between the California kid and his hometown Lakers. Not only does Los Angeles posses the No. 2 overall pick, but they have back-to-back selections at the end of the first (27, 28). After the second overall pick, Bell would be gravy on top.

Latest (RD 2 | PICK 50) Philadelphia 76ers

The No. 1 pick Sixers have four selections in the second round, as well. I can’t imagine Bell slipping this far, but if he does there are a host of interested parties. Denver (49), Milwaukee (48), Indiana (47) all pick after the 76ers No. 46 overall selection. Atlanta (41), Utah (42), Houston (43) and New York (44) would be solid spots for the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year.


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional
Josh Jackson (right) is highly coveted by almost every single NBA team. Nevertheless, the freshman phenom was dominated by Brooks in the 2017 Elite Eight from Kansas City. The Canadian led his Ducks past the No. 1 seed Jayhawks, 74-60, just 41 miles from Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Earliest (RD 1 | PICK 18) Indiana Pacers

It is laughable that has Kyle Kuzma from Utah ahead of Brooks. Of course, Kuzma has great upside, huge potential and he is athletic. Yet, wasn’t he dominated by Brooks during his college career? Wasn’t Brooks the Pac-12 Player of the Year? Seems like the Canadian always has to prove himself due to a majority of non-believers. Teams with interest behind the Pacers are Portland (20), Toronto (23) and Utah (24,30) with multiple picks.

Median (RD 2 | PICK 32) Phoenix Suns

This is the perfect destination for Brooks and my No. 1 landing place. The Suns are rebuilding and have loose ends to tie before next year begins. Brooks would be a nice piece to their uptempo puzzle. Phoenix runs a very similar offense to the Ducks, so this would be a seamless transition for the 6-foot-6 hybrid. has Brooks falling to the Milwaukee Bucks at the 48th overall selection, which is quite possible.

Latest (RD 2 | PICK 58) New York Knicks

Some say Brooks may end up NOT being drafted at all. To those people I say, you have never watched Dillon in your life, turn the page. If an organization knows what is good for them, they would never carelessly pass on the talent and desire this young man possesses. He has worked out for 14 teams total, somebody is intrigued. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Kansas vs Oregon
Like Bell, Tyler Dorsey has driven up his draft stock over the last few months. After affectionately being nicknamed, “Mr. March” by teammates, Dorsey has helped his professional stock elevate since the season ended a game shy of the national championship.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Earliest (RD 2 | PICK 33) Orlando Magic

Unfortunately, I don’t envision Dorsey being selected in the first round. However, he shouldn’t have to wait too long in the second. Three picks in, the Magic continue their interest in the sharpshooter. Sacramento has the next selection (34) and has shown great interest in both Ducks from the state of California. Additionally, Philadelphia (36, 39, 46, 50) and Houston (43, 45) have multiple picks in the second round.

Median (RD 2 | PICK 37) Boston Celtics

The Celtics are paying attention to Dorsey. Not to mention, Boston needs shooters. The green and white have consistently shown the ability to find talent through the draft. Selecting the Oregon guard would be another no-brainer for Danny Ainge and company. has Dorsey falling to Houston (43).

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is prepared for the 2017 NBA Draft from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday. He will be announcing the entire first round. Oregon has five players in the talented 2017 professional draft pool.
Photo courtesy of CSN Philadelphia

Latest (RD 2 | PICK 57) Brooklyn Nets

So many teams have shown interest in Dorsey. The big question is who fell in love with him? The Bucks (48) would be a perfect spot for Dorsey. He could join Greek International teammate and NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee. However, has the Bucks selecting Brooks at No. 48 overall. Washington (52), Indiana (47) and Denver (49, 51) could swoop in and steal the value here.


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional-Oregon vs Michigan
Nothing was more difficult to digest for Duck fans this season than the loss of Chris Boucher. Not only was he one of the best players in the country, but CB is the most popular Oregon athlete in history outside of Marcus Mariota. Boucher’s incredible life story is ready for the next chapter.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

If I was a GM, the next two would be easy choices for my organization. Both Boucher and Ennis would be on any team I created. Due to his injury suffered during the Pac-12 Tournament semifinal game, Boucher will not be drafted. However, I don’t anticipate any ignorant party waiting longer than an hour to contact him after the draft. He could be a prized piece for the right team. Boucher’s skill-set is limitless. It is all about him securing minutes on the floor, so he has an opportunity to showcase his ability.

Best Scenario | Signed by Washington Wizards

There are a handful of teams who need interior length with versatility to spread the floor, especially in the Eastern Conference. Boucher would be a welcomed asset with that ability and then some. If CB could carve out 20 minutes per game, there is no telling how high his ceiling could soar. What Washington lacks in size, they make up for with athleticism. One of the best players in the league in John Wall, alongside Brad Beal and Otto Porter give the Wiz a recipe for success with the Montreal big man.

Worst Scenario | Unsigned

The NBA would have to be crazy to avoid the talent of Boucher. However, you can’t put anything past a certain organization today. The injury scared away half the league, which comes with the territory. For the interested parties, Boucher could provide something that many players don’t posses. His versatility is second to none and it should be valued as such.


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Rhode Island vs Oregon
The sixth-year senior is the oldest player (25) in the 2017 NBA Draft. Will his experience enable him an opportunity with a NBA franchise? The 6-foot-2 combo guard is ready to prove himself at the highest level. Ready or not, here come the Ducks.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Like Boucher, you wouldn’t have to tell me twice to draft Ennis. I don’t care that he is 6-foot-2 and undersized in most circles. I saw all I needed to see with this Canadian star. It may have taken him six years to graduate, but trust his experience gives him an advantage over the competition.

Best Scenario | Signed by Oklahoma City Thunder

I love this landing spot for Ennis, I even told him that the other day. Team him up with the best player in the NBA, in my opinion, Russell Westbrook. Couple Victor Oladipo and Taj Gibson for a bright future in OKC. Ironically, Gibson was the oldest (24) player selected in the 2009 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. Ennis (25) is one year older than Gibson was on his draft night. An organization would be wise to understand Ennis’ commitment to excellence. His NBA brother, Tyler showcases his skills as a member of the Lakers. Watch out for the Lakers and Kings as sleeper locations for Ennis.

Worst Scenario | Europe

I can’t see every team passing on him to this degree. Is he undersized at 6-foot-2? Yes, but the NBA is an undersized league now-a-days. The big men have to adjust to a faster, quicker game. Not the other way around. Ennis possesses every skill necessary for a professional basketball player to be successful. It is all about opportunity. Where will he get his chance? One of 30 will take a shot on him, possibly more. If they wait more than five minutes after the draft ends, they might be too late.

Anything can change in the next 24 hours. We patiently await the future for five incredible Oregon basketball players. Stick with ATQ for every move. Always us.

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