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The Movement 2018: Oregon Football Owns Top Recruiting Class in Pac-12

Willie Taggart continues to nab commits for the future

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon football possesses the top 2018 recruiting class in the Pac-12 Conference. The Ducks are heading toward their greatest class in program history. Head coach Willie Taggart is trending toward the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation, as well.

The Duck lead man has yet to coach a game, but the excitement around Oregon football has never been higher. UO’s new regime is not holding back either. If they are interested in someone, they offer the prospect a place in Eugene.

Chip Kelly instituted his own take on how an elite program should be built. Obviously, the results were beyond brilliant. When Kelly left the program however, there was an obvious void left. The former coach recommended Mark Helfrich to take over the reigns after his departure for the NFL.

Helfrich was similar to Kelly, but had none of his success as a head coach. Helfrich hadn’t earned his stripes at the collegiate level. That was coupled by the fact that Helfrich often hesitated to make initial offers, let alone offering full scholarships to prospects.

Not to mention, Helfrich did not have control over his team. He failed to hold players and coaches accountable and that led to his demise. Fast forward to “The Taggart Era” and the program has completely changed its direction 180 degrees.

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game
Defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt is prepared for a major turnaround with the Oregon football program. The only reason he left a team that he helped guide to the Pac-12 Championship is because he envisions greater potential with the program in Eugene. He brought his infectiously positive mentality with him.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The amount of positivity around the Ducks currently is palpable. Defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt deserves his credit, as well. No matter the ranking, if Oregon likes a player, they will make sure the prospect understands that they care. That goes a long way today.

Prospects and their parents/guardians alike feel a certain comfort level with the Oregon football regime. And it’s beginning to show up with the future commitments.

Oregon snagged eight prospects by the 2017 Spring Game. Entering July, the Ducks have nearly doubled that with 15 total commits for 2018 and even a few for 2019. UO still has 10 scholarships available for 2018, but spots are closing fast.

Currently, the Ducks own the best recruiting class in the Pac-12 for the 2018 season. It could be the greatest incoming class in program history. Oregon is also vying for the No. 1 recruiting class in the country. The Ducks just slid into the Top 5.

Let’s take a look at the incredible incoming class of 2018, thus far. These composite ranks are based on ESPN scouting grades.


85 - Dawson Jaramillo, Offensive Lineman (4-star)

84 - Steve Stephens, Safety (4-star)

83 - Jevon Holland, Safety (4-star)

83 - Tre’Shaun Harrison, Athlete (4-star)

83 - Adrian Jackson, Linebacker (4-star)

82 - Braden Lenzy, Athlete (4-star)

82 - Isaiah Bolden, Cornerback (4-star)

82 - Jamal Elliott, Running Back (4-star)

82 - Warren Thompson, Wide Receiver (4-star)

80 - Jonathan King, Defensive End (4-star)

78 - Christopher Randazzo, Offensive Tackle (3-star)

77 - Spencer Webb, Tight End (3-star)

75 - Travis Dye, Running Back (3-star)

NR - MJ Cunningham, Athlete (3-star)

N/A - Mohamed Diallo, Defensive Tackle (Transfer)

We will continue to update you on the continually growing list of commits for the future of Oregon football all this summer. We are just 67 days away from opening day against Southern Utah on September 2. Buckle your seatbelt.

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