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NCAA Track & Field Championships Schedule: Day 1

It’s the first of four days packed full of track & field in Eugene.

Track and Field: Pac-12 Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Track & Field Championships kick off today at Hayward Field in Eugene, and the Men and Women of Oregon are looking for another championship on their home turf.

Here is today’s schedule of events that has at least one Duck in the field. Today is exclusively prelims for the men, as well as the first day of the men’s decathlon. The decathlon and field events have been going on for several hours, while the rest of the action on the track is about to get underway.

Wednesday: Day 1

Men’s Decathlon 100m - 1:00 PM

Mitch Modin

Joe Delgado

Men’s Decathlon Shot Put - 2:25 PM

Mitch Modin

Joe Delgado

Men’s Decathlon High Jump - 3:40 PM

Mitch Modin

Joe Delgado

Men’s Decathlon 400m - 6:56 PM

Mitch Modin

Joe Delgado

Men’s Hammer Throw - 2:00 PM

Cullen Prena

Men’s Pole Vault - 5:00 PM

Cole Walsh

Men’s Javelin Throw - 5:45 PM

Cody Danielson

Men’s 4x100m Relay Prelims - 4:32 PM


Men’s 1500m Prelims - 4:46 PM

Blake Haney (Heat 1)

Tim Gorman (Heat 2)

Men’s 100m Prelims - 5:46 PM

Kyree King (Heat 1)

Damarcus Simpson (Heat 2)

Men’s 400m Prelims - 6:00 PM

Marcus Chambers (Heat 1)

Men’s 200m Prelims - 6:44 PM

Kyree King (Heat 1)

Men's 10,000m Finals - 7:08 PM

Tanner Anderson