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NCAA Track & Field Championships Live Updates: Haney tripped up in 1500, finishes 11th

Track and Field: Pac-12 Championships Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon junior Blake Haney started strong in the men’s 1500 meter final on Friday night at Hayward Field, leading the pack in the early stages of the race. Unfortunately, Haney was tripped up, leading to an 11th place finish.

New Mexico’s Josh Kerr would win the race, becoming the first to win both the indoor mile and 1500 in the same year since Leo Manzano, winning in 3:43.03.

Haney’s trip cost him dearly, pushing him back to an 11th place finish in 3:50.51, meaning that no points were scored for the Ducks in the race. He was tripped on the final lap of the race, leading to a yellow flag and a review of the race.

Michigan State’s Justine Kiprotich took second place in 3:43.50, while Craig Engels from Ole Miss took third in 3:53.54.