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Slingin’ Quack: The Return

Rusty Ryan is back after a long layoff. We talk the Ducks in the NBA summer league, football recruiting, and a too-early football depth chart.

Oregon v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

It’s been a while but the gang is back with another podcast. I’m joined by Ifo Bomaye to talk about a variety of topics. We open up with the Duck basketball stars making their way through the NBA summer league. Jordan Bell and Tyler Dorsey have signed contracts with their NBA teams. While recording the podcast we get distracted a couple times by the Warriors-Sixers matchup on TV.

One part of college football I have always been really critical of is the obsession with recruiting. However, I’m making an exception, because there’s really nothing else happening with Oregon football. Also, we are apparently really good at it now and like any fair-weather fan I’m now interested.

This setup a good transition to talk about the incoming football players, like our favorite Jordon Scott, and how many of them are showing on the depth cart. The inside linebacker position is a huge question mark.

We discuss Leavitt’s defense at Colorado and how it changed over time and what that could mean for Oregon this year. I think we will see aggressive DB play based on the talent at the position. Last year the secondary was not in a good position to succeed and I think they will be huge in helping out the front seven this fall.

There’s more we discuss between the major topics so listen now!