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You’ll feel weak when you watch these Oregon football players hit the weights

NCAA Football: UC - Davis at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Oregon footballl assistant strength coach Joey Carnes posted videos of Henry Mondeaux and Royce Freeman hitting the weights, and all I can say is, I wouldn't want to be on their bad side.

First up is Royce Freeman. We all know how strong he is on the football field, and when you see him squat 600 pounds, it all starts to add up.

You thought squatting 600 pounds was impressive? Then you'll want to watch this next squat from defensive lineman Henry Mondeaux, who squatted a mind-boggling 635 pounds.

Tyrell Crosby is also looking quite strong this summer, as shown in this video when he hits 367 pounds on the clean.

As someone who has literally never done a squat with weights in his life before, I can't begin to fathom how hard it is to do something like this. When you see a 290-pound defensive lineman’s body shake from the weight, you know it is impressive.

Who knows how this will transition to the actual football field, but at least we know the guys aren't slacking off this summer.