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Do you want to write about Oregon sports? ATQ is looking for new contributors!

Washington State v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

As you may have noticed, many stories on our site this summer have been written by either myself or Tony. In order to bring you the best Oregon Ducks coverage possibly in a timely manner, Addicted to Quack is looking for new writers to join our staff.

Our goal is to ramp up our coverage for not just the big sports like football and basketball, but for as many sports as possible on campus this year. Sports for fall season include:

Beginning of Men’s/Women’s Basketball

Men’s/Women’s Cross Country


Women’s Soccer


If you're interested in writing about any of these, or just Oregon sports in general, email me at with why you'd like to join, what you'd like to contribute, and some published writing samples. If you seem like you might be a good fit to join us, I’ll follow up via email as quickly as I can.

We’d also love to get some current UO students involved, so if you're on campus and love writing about Oregon sports, ATQ is the place for you!