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Share your memories of Oregon’s role in the wildest college football season in history

2007 was one for the ages

Arizona State v Oregon

Today, SB Nation unveiled their awesome piece on the 2007 college football season, one of the wildest seasons in the history of the sport. There’s even a section where Dan Rubenstein sits down with head coach Mike Bellotti, offensive tackle Geoff Schwartz, and safety Patrick Chung, discussing what could have been the most magical season in program history.

Seriously, as heartbreaking as the season was, the story is awesome and you should read it. There’s many other chapters of the saga as well, including the App State upset in The Big House, Stanford’s improbable upset over USC, and much much more.

As we look back on the 2007 season ten years later, I’d like to open the discussion here where we can all reminisce on the season that was and what could have been. Sound off in the comments below on your memories (or lack thereof) on the whacky and wild 2007 Oregon Ducks season.