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ATQ Staff Intro: Joseph Yun

Let’s welcome our newest writer to the crew.

Washington v Oregon Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Football season is just around the corner, and that means all your favorite writers will soon be coming out of hibernation. There will also be some new faces joining us this year, including Joseph Yun, who we plucked straight out of the comments. Joseph also writes for Music City Miracles, the Tennessee Titans SB Nation blog.

It’s time to get to know Joseph, what he’s all about and what he’ll be bringing to the table this year.

1. Welcome to the ATQ family! Give us a little background on who you are, and why you love the Ducks.

My name is Joseph Yun (obviously). I'm 29 years old and currently single. I like to play video games (FIFA, NBA 2K, MLB the Show, NCAA Football 14 are in the current rotation). I love watching college football in general but am a big fan of both Florida State and Oregon. I'm also a fan of Manchester United and the New York Yankees. The one thing I enjoy a lot about college football is scouting for the NFL prospects in any game and how they would fit at the next level. The Ducks hold a place in my heart because I enjoy the offensive fireworks, the rise to being one of the premier college programs, it never raining inside Autzen, Uncle Phil and the cool uniforms (except for those what were they thinking diamond plate ones). And oh, Washington err Lossington sucks.

2. Who is your favorite Oregon Duck of all-time, in any sport?

My favorite Duck of all time is between Marcus Mariota and Haloti Ngata with MM8 winning in a close contest. Yeah I'm a sucker for dominant defensive line play. Mariota is awesome because well, he's Marcus Mariota. He has red flags the size of Soviet Russia and China combined because there aren't any red flags! (Inside Music City Miracles joke there from when he was drafted)

3. What are the most memorable Oregon Ducks games to you as a fan?

The three most memorable for me has to be 06 vs Oklahoma because of the crazy 4th quarter and insane ending, 2012 Rose Bowl vs Wisconsin for the crazy helmet punch in the unmentionables of a Wisky player and a win for the good guys, and 2014 vs Michigan State that was MM8's Heisman moment game.

4. What will you be writing about here at ATQ?

I'll be writing about the Ducks' draft prospects and what their perception is nationwide along with how they performed in relation to their peers nationally, similar to a weekly preview and recap post. I'll also be writing about general college football topics as they come up and how it relates to the Pac-12 and ultimately, the Ducks program.

5. Last, but certainly not least, Twizzlers or Red Vines, and Five Guys or In N Out?

Twizzlers. Five Guys with a side of HoodRiverDuck's tasty concoctions, of course.