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The Marcus Mariota Report: This Fall at ATQ

Get ready to strike the Heisman pose

Tennessee Titans v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Are you ready for some football? The Marcus Mariota Report is coming exclusively this fall to Addicted To Quack. Each week, we’ll have a recap and analysis of the Duck living legend as he showcases his greatness for the Tennessee Titans.

In addition to the Mariota report, we will provide you with information and updated statistics on the other 36 NFL Ducks. There could be more signed professionals by the time I finish this sentence.

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp
The legend adjusts his knee brace from the Tennessee Titans’ OTA at St. Thomas Sports Park in Nashville. Following a season-ending injury, Mariota is facing a new battle this offseason. Look for him to dominate the task at hand, as he does with every challenge he faces in life. That NFL MVP season is around the corner.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re not hyped for the upcoming football season, you might have an adrenal gland issue. You should get that checked out. Let ATQ feed your need for Oregon sports.

This message was approved by MM’s Heisman Trophy.

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