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Oregon Fall Camp: Ducks Prep for Sunday’s Live Scrimmage at Autzen Stadium

Willie Taggart wants to work on game day procedures

NCAA Football: Eastern Washington at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

EUGENE, Oregon — As the Ducks crawl to concluding another week of fall training camp from the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, their head coach would like to conduct a test. Willie Taggart and his staff are preparing their team for a live scrimmage on Sunday from Autzen Stadium.

Thursday the Ducks prepared for their game-like scenario on Sunday night. The day before the solar eclipse, Oregon is preparing to play under their own lights. Taggart wants his team to handle it just like a regular game day at Autzen.

“We’re going to scrimmage on Sunday,” said Taggart. “With our guys, with our staff, it will be our first time going through game week preparation. I want our guys to go through a week of game prep before we get into game week.”

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Game
Willie Taggart will return to Autzen Stadium once again trying to replicate a game day scenario. Oregon’s new head coach debuted at Autzen during the 2017 Spring Game between Team Brave and Team Free. Taggart wants to see how much his team has grown since spring.
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

This will be a solid measuring tool for the first year man in Eugene. Since he has no experience beyond the Spring Game at Autzen, it will be good to see how everything operates in a game situation.

“On Sunday, we’re going to go and practice as if it’s a game,” stated the Ducks’ head coach. “Bring out the headsets, guys will go up to the press box and in the area where they’re going to be.”

A big part of game day is avoiding distraction. There is so much going on around the players, the coach understands that finding a routine is important.

Go out and do stretch, everything so everybody knows where they’re supposed to be. We practiced those things throughout training camp and even in spring ball so everybody knows exactly where they’re at.

Following Sunday’s scrimmage, Taggart has child-like excitement for Monday’s solar eclipse. He is going to make sure that his team is practicing at the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex during the event on Monday morning. Let’s just hope they don’t look directly at the sun without the proper protection.

“Yeah, I want to see it,” the coach emphatically stated with a smile. “Everyone talks about it and how it’s going to be dark at 10 o’clock, that’s pretty amazing to me. I want to see that. That’s going to be pretty cool. I’m going to make sure we’re practicing at that time so we all see that. How about that?”

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