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Slingin’ Quack: Southern Utah Week

Rusty Ryan and Ifo Bomaye are doing a small preview of the Southern Utah team before going into the depth chart, picking breakout players, and setting expectations for week 1.

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Practice Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Ifo Bomaye and I have the great fortune of doing a preview of college football game. A singular college football game.

We open the podcast doing a quick preview of Southern Utah, and by that we talk about how Southern Utah’s experience could counter some of the youth and talent Oregon has.

After that we go through the depth chart and pick out some of the notable additions and absences. There are some players not listed due to injuries but Brendan Schooler listed as a WR along with eight others is indicative of how much the position has to grow this season. The linebacker that weighs less than our safeties does cause some concern, but he’s already started multiple games and the inside linebacker position has gotten smaller over the last ten years to keep pace with opposing offenses.

Near the end we pick some breakout players for the season. We have different players on the offensive side of the ball but we both think one guy will really break out on defense.

For this game we are both excited to see what the offense and defense looks like against teams that don’t have an O on their uniforms. This way we can get a more accurate gauge of how each group is doing and we will see more of the offense and defense that fourteen spring practices couldn’t get accomplished. I would like to see the defense force turnovers and keep the Thunderbird offense from scoring when the 1s are on the field and I’m looking to see if a receiver can stretch the field vertically.

Lastly, we have a few hot takes for the weekend.

In the comments we want to hear your hottest, scorched-earth take for week 1 of this season.