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10 for 10: Oregon’s Jim Leavitt Will Earn Lifetime Endorsement Deal with Pepsi

Forget Messi or Kevin Durant, it’s Jim Leavitt’s time

Photo courtesy of @CoachJimLeavitt via Twitter

Welcome to our series “10 for 10,” which will help us countdown to kick off. The Ducks are just three days away from opening day vs Southern Utah at Autzen Stadium. For the next 10 days, we will be posting our projections for the upcoming season.

Let’s get started, here is the No. 3 projection of the 2017 season:


If you follow Oregon defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt on Twitter, inevitably you’ve heard him talk about his Pepsi obsession. Maybe “obsession” is the wrong word. Some would consider his brand commitment second to none.

Honestly, after what the man did with the Colorado defense last season, it’s surprising that Pepsi hasn’t reached out to him already. Just wait, one great season with the Ducks and you’re looking at the new brand ambassador for Pepsi: The Next Generation.

This coordinator is no fool. He finds different times throughout his day to promote his love of the product via social media. Leave it to a coach!

Blake Griffin and LeBron James have nothing on the endorsement skills of Leavitt. He’s savvy and not overbearing. The aforementioned two made it difficult to believe they ride around in a KIA. Is there even one big enough to fit them? I digress.

Lionel Messi signed a lifetime contract with Adidas. Something like this did not occur when Leavitt was coaching in the NFL. However, he doesn’t have to be one of the most popular athletes in the world to snag a lifetime endorsement deal.

If Leavitt were a door-to-door vacuum salesman, I’d buy a dozen. Regardless, you’re leaving that sale fired up and ready to run through a brick wall.

His last five tweets involve the word “Pepsi” because his social media game is strong. I don’t even like Pepsi, but I’m craving one right now. Pitchman? Phil Knight probably has a shoe prototype called “The Coachman” ready and waiting.

Today, let’s take a lighter approach with Jim Leavitt’s Top 7 Pepsi Tweets:

#7 - A beautiful sight in Eugene, when there is Pepsi

#6 - Tree Hugging 101

#5 - Now he’s involving defensive line coach Joe Salave'a

#4 - Delivery for Coach Leavitt

#3 - The new “Mail Man”

#2 - If you bring it, he will drink it

#1 - Nothing like making a kid smile, then stealing his Pepsi

He’s the best.


Similar to Messi with Adidas, Leavitt will sign a lifetime endorsement deal with Pepsi after he leads the Ducks’ defense to a complete turnaround. He is fueled by Pepsi and football. For his dedication, the company will provide him with a lifetime supply of Pepsi, alongside commercial spots with huge, famous celebrities you can only dream about. Before he becomes the Director of Marketing for Pepsi, Leavitt will help guide the Ducks to a few Pac-12 crowns, etc. In all seriousness, Leavitt is a great coach but a better person. He deserves to enjoy the benefits that come from his incredible work ethic and overall passion for the game of life. We can all learn a thing or two from him.

Do you remember that Ray Charles Diet Pepsi commercial in the early 90’s? The legend was on his piano with a hoard of ladies around him. What better spokesman for regular Pepsi than Leavitt? I can already see him with a pair of shades on as he tickles the keys in a tribute to the great Ray Charles. You got the right one baby, uh huh!

Part 9 of 10 for 10 will be published on Wednesday, right here at ATQ!

Stay tuned, if you want to; Twitter @TheQuackFiend Gram @eugene_levys_eyebrows