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Slingin’ Quack: Conference Play Is Upon Us

Rusty Ryan and Ifo Bomaye talk about the last two weeks of football, preview Arizona State, and go over the men’s basketball schedule.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Ifo Bomaye and I are back after taking a week off. Due to my travel schedule I didn’t have the opportunity to get on a skype call. Luckily, (or unfortunately) we saw some of the same themes across both the Wyoming and the Nebraska game.

We both agree that the issue is on the offense but we have different opinions of what that can be. I mention a few things I see on the offensive line and Ifo goes more into the play calling. The segment is wrapped up with a talk about the players that stand out to us, the positives and negatives so far, and what we hope to see in the next few games.

I go over what Arizona State could do to capitalize on a couple of weaknesses I see in the Oregon offense. Ifo Bomaye goes into why my idea is dumb. (I still disagree)

Lastly, we finish up going over the basketball schedule that was just released. TL;DL: The home schedule and the weekend games are going to be awesome.