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Week Four College Foooooobawwwww Open Thread

Nebraska v Oregon
‘Now see, when I get axed Monday for losing to Rutgers, I’ll be sneaking out of Lincoln THAT way. Say, how’s Andersen doing in Corvallis?’
Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Figured there’s gotta be some of you that would like to discuss Week Four’s action today. Or is everyone out working on their ‘Honey Do’ list like good spouses/significant others?

Some of the noteworthy games on tap for this glorious first Saturday of Autumn:

(All times PDT unless otherwise noted)

#1 Alabama at Vanderbilt, 12:30 (CBS)

#5 U$C at Cal, 12:30 (ABC)

#16 TCU at #6 OK State, 12:30 (ESPN)

#8 Michigan at Purdue, 1:00 (FOX)

Nevada at #18 WSU, 3:00 (PAC 12)

#3 Oklahoma at Baylor, 3:30 (FS1)

#17 Miss. State at #11 Georgia, 4:00 (ESPN)

#4 Penn State at Iowa, 4:30 (ABC)

#7 washington at Colorado, 7:00 (FS1)

#24 Oregon at ASU, 7:00 (PAC 12)

fUCLA @ ‘furd, 7:30 (ESPN)

Have at it. And GO DUCKS.