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Tako Tuesdays Just Hopes You’re All Okay

Seriously. The state is on fire. Who gives a damn about football?

La Tuna Canyon Fire Prompts Evacuations in Burbank Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Oregon plays Nebraska in football this Saturday. Oregon scored a lot of points and won last week. They’ll probably score a lot of points next week, and they just might win, too. They’re even doing some amazing things to benefit the OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. It’s a big and impactful game for reasons both sports-important and actual-important.

But win or lose, some people are going to lose their houses in the dozens of blazes plaguing the Pacific Northwest, not to mention the fires raging in Southern California right now. Hopefully, no one loses their lives. The entire Pacific Coast is covered in smoke, with Eugene’s air quality being hit worst of all - so much so that Oregon is moving today’s football practice to Florence. It’s unhealthy and unsafe out there, so forgive me for not being particularly interested in defensive keys to the game for Oregon. People are in danger, homes are in danger, wildlife and natural beauty is in danger. Let’s take care of all that first, and then maybe worry about Oregon’s football program.

People are going to need help this week, this is certain. Even if you don’t need help yourself, if you live in the PNW you’re feeling some type of way about the disaster taking place in your area, and you probably know someone who’s in more trouble than you. So in the comments section, let’s do a few things:

  1. Check in - how you doing? Where you living? What’s it look like/smell like/feel like where you’re at?
  2. What have you seen, what have you heard - is anyone you know in danger, or in need of help, financial or otherwise?
  3. Resources - Places where supplies/$$ will go directly where it’s needed. I’m not exactly in the business of trusting the Red Cross, and I’m sure many of us would like to know about direct lines of donation that are out there.

I have no idea how much good this will do. But at the very least, I hope it can serve as the ATQ meeting place for all things fire-related. Thank you firefighters, thank you paramedics, thank you National/State Park Services. You are saving lives, and we are all thankful. Fuck fire, Go Ducks.