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Slingin Quack: Football Awards Show and Mahalo

Rusty and Ifo Bomaye say Aloha and give the year-end awards for the football team, look at men’s and women’s basketball, and say Mahalo.

NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Practice Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Ifo Bomaye and I are back for our last scheduled episode of Addicted To Quack. We are going through the football roster and giving our year-end awards.

We select our most improved, most under-appreciated, most fun, and breakout player for this year on offense and defense. We also give our prediction for who the breakout player will be next year. This isn’t a standard MVP-type award show where the answer is really obvious and a no-brainer. We take a pretty good look through the roster.

The next signing day is coming up and we address some of the positions of need and what we hope to see. I have a policy of only mentioning the names of players who have signed letters of intent so you won’t get specific names of players who haven’t committed but are clear commits or are the favorites, just FYI.

We recorded this pod last week before the weekend’s basketball games. I wasn’t able to get the episode up until the weekend. Ifo Bomaye breaks down the basketball season thus far and we give a quick shoutout to the women’s basketball team.

As stated at the end of the podcast, this will be our last scheduled podcast. Ifo and I may do another one if time and our schedules allow for it. I will be out of the country starting in April and starting more school in the fall (in the US), which will most likely make moderating and contributing to ATQ regularly too difficult. I began commenting on ATQ my freshman year in college in 2008 when I started playing a collegiate sport in New York. ATQ was a way to keep in contact with other avid Duck fans. I transferred to Oregon as a third-generation undergrad student because of an academic program surprisingly got into as well as continuing athletics. As a hobby I began writing about Oregon sports on a website I started mostly as an outlet. I began writing for ATQ in 2011 when Jared Light invited me. I had written an article about Husky Hate Week that got a lot more attention than I thought it would with a few national football writers tweeting it out. The rest is history. I’ll still be around occasionally, but wanted to give you guys a heads up because of how tight-knit of a group this is where we know each other’s personalities beyond the username and remember the last time someone commented. It’s been great and hopefully I’ll be available to write and comment a lot more than I think right now.

Aloha and Mahalo.