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From the Editor’s Desk: It’s not goodbye, it’s see you around

It’s time for a change at ATQ

NCAA Football: UC - Davis at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

I always knew that one day, the time would come to write this post. I didn’t know when it would be, or where I would be in my life. I just knew it would come.

As you’ve probably guessed from that opening line, this post is a bittersweet one. Over the past few months, my life has gotten busier, and I haven’t had the time to put in the effort and work that this blog deserves. I believe this can be one of the best blogs on the SB Nation network, and I believe there is someone out there who can take it there. I just know that person isn’t me anymore. For that reason, I have decided to step down as the managing editor of Addicted to Quack.

Before we get into why I have decided this, a little backstory about me and my beginnings with ATQ.

Four years ago, as a recent grad from the University of Oregon, I saw that Addicted to Quack was looking for new writers. This seemed like a perfect fit for me, having just received my diploma from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism & Communication. I knew it wouldn’t be a “job” per se, but I also knew that it would be fun, and a great way for me to continue with one of my favorite hobbies, writing about the Ducks.

Fast forward one year. I received a call from David Piper, the founder of ATQ and long-standing managing editor at the time. Real life was happening for Dave as he was working while raising a family, plus managing the blog. It was time for him to pass the reigns. I was truly humbled that he had selected me to lead the ship, as I believed there were others more deserving than the kid fresh out of college who had only been with the blog for a year.

For about two and a half years, I loved managing the blog. It was my passion. It was part of my identity. It was a part of my life, day in and day out.

But then, life happened. Slowly but surely, my attention and focus got pulled further and further away from the blog. I took a new job and quickly moved up the ranks. Now, I am the footwear buyer for the largest independent running store in California, managing the inventory across five stores that accounts for 70% of our business. My girlfriend and I have also recently adopted two lovable, highly energetic kittens, Starsky and Hutch. As I write this, they’re sprinting around the apartment chasing each other, like they do every morning and night. It’s time for me to focus on those things, and hand the reigns of ATQ over to someone who can give this community the attention it deserves.

This is a decision that I did not take lightly. At first, I figured it was just learning how to multi-task with a busier schedule. But after going through a football season where I only watched two games (one in person, which was a trip planned months ahead of time), plus a non-conference basketball season where I wasn’t able to watch a single game, it became clear that stepping down was the responsible thing to do.

A lot of things delayed this decision, but the biggest one was the feeling like I would be letting Dave, our writers and our community down if I walked away. But then I realized I would only be letting everyone down if I stayed on board, not being able to give the blog my full focus while there was someone else out there who could.

Now, it’s not goodbye forever. I will be staying with the blog in a columnist role, writing several times throughout the week on a variety of topics. I haven’t been able to write as much as I’ve wanted to, but I believe by stepping away from the managerial duties, I’ll be able to put more focus back in my writing and help this blog thrive.

As far as what is next for ATQ? The folks at SB Nation have already begun the search for the site’s next managing editor. I put that task in their hands because I believe they will find the best person in the country for this gig. So while there will be a new leader in town, you can be certain that he or she will be ready to help grow this community even more. If you believe you are that person, you can apply for the managing editor job here. It’s 12/10 fun, would definitely recommend.

Now, I need to thank some people. First of all, to David Piper. Without him, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of a lifetime to manage this wonderful blog. He gave me a chance to share my passion with y’all, and he gave me my biggest break in the sports writing world that I’ll likely ever get. Thank you, Dave.

Next, thank you to the SB Nation crew. Matt, Luke, Wescott, Caroline, and everyone else back east. Y’all provide such great leadership and guidance day in and day out, and I couldn’t have done this without your help and resources. The work you put into helping all of the respective site managers around the country is truly inspiring.

Thank you to all of our writers, Tako, Rusty, Andrew, Joseph, Adam, Emily, and all of our community members who stepped up and joined in when we were convinced that ATQ was on the verge of burning to the ground. And to everyone who has written for us in the past, thank you for everything you did for this blog, and I hope you’re thriving wherever your endeavors have taken you. I will never be able to express in words how much I appreciate everyone’s hard work throughout the years.

A big thank you to my wonderful girlfriend for sitting through hundreds of hours of Oregon sporting events with me while I was buried in my computer. Those sacrifices never went unnoticed, and I’m so lucky to have someone who understands that.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to everyone reading this. Without you, ATQ would not exist. You’ve all built this magical place together, and it’s what makes this blog so successful. None of us at the blog would be able to do what we do without you. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you and Go Ducks!