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Quack Fix 10-20-2018: Popcorn and Fireball Edition

NCAA Football: Washington at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

So I’ve got three things for you today.

Thing one: As we have all heard, College GameDay is going to be at Wazzu this morning for the first time ever. I think this is the very coolest of all things - Old Crimson has been a mainstay on the College GameDay sets for 15 years, and ESPN had never managed to make it to Pullman (cough cough elitist jerks). Here is the story of Old Crimson and GameDay.

I hope that today’s edition is the wildest, drunkest and craziest of all crowds ever, and we all know that if anyone can make that happen it’s going to be Drunk Popcorn Guy and our Pac12 brothers and sisters on the Palouse!

Thing two: Lately I have been frequently absent for stretches on ATQ. Things have been a bit crazy at Casa Daisy, because in a fit of overwrought empathy, I decided to celebrate the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month by actually getting breast cancer. BY GOD I DON’T DO ANYTHING HALF ASSED, PEOPLE. All will be fine in my world in a few months, but as I am taking treatment seriously I am spending most of the college football season abstaining from alcohol. WTF, Can someone tell me why alcohol has to be so bad for you?? Because it’s fucking bullshit. I literally said to my oncologist “But it’s college football season.” She just patted my knee and said “I know, honey.” Anyway, in the spirit of Cancer awareness, consider donating to one of these fine organizations that support research, education, and supportive services:



One in eight women in the U.S. will get breast cancer during their lifetime (isn’t that NUTS?!) so most importantly, hug your mom and if your wife is over 40, be sure she practices self-care and gets a mammogram every year. Seriously, drag her ass to the clinic if you have to, because it’s no shit that mammograms save lives - it saved mine.


Thing three: I like Pitbull. YEAH I SAID IT COME AT ME BROS. And whenever I hear Fireball it makes me think of whiskey and Washington State. I think the over/under on Fireball replacing the Washington State Fight Song should be set at OMG SOMEONE NEEDS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

We’ll be waiting through the better part of the day to watch our Ducks so here is the link to all of today’s action to keep you entertained! Remember, you guys will have to drink for me so it’s PANTS OFF, CAPS ON AND FIREBALL STRAIGHT bitchez!



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