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Dishing Quack: Meet new ATQ writer Arden Cravalho

NCAA Men’s Final Four - Practice Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

My Dearest Quackers! Addicted to Quack is welcoming a new writer this week - Arden Cravalho. I sent Arden an extensive dossier to fill out for my records (what that’s not creepy) but only managed to get back answers to a few enlightening questions. Still, it will serve to help you get to know our newest staff member!

Daisy: As part of the extensive and painstaking research I put into every single article I write for ATQ, I stalked you on Twitter for about 5 seconds. If I’m not mistaken, it appears you are a Zag. So why the Oregon Ducks and ATQ?

Arden: My brother is a sophomore at Oregon... I was visiting him in Eugene for the Washington-Oregon football game and thought to myself, this place is just spectacular so I wanted to write about University of Oregon sports somehow, someway. Fortunately, I already write for “The Slipper Still Fits” (Gonzaga’s SB Nation blog) so I easily found ATQ and here I am.

Daisy: Tell us a little about yourself IRL. Where do you currently reside? What are your hobbies? Have you previously written for other sports sites?

Arden: I am a senior at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington with a major in broadcast and electronic media and a minor in both public relations and journalism... I am originally from San Mateo, California in the Bay Area. I enjoy playing basketball, hanging with friends in the late night and listening to rap on SoundCloud. As I said, I write for “The Slipper Still Fits”.

Daisy: What is the best/your most favorite sports experience you’ve ever had as a fan?

Arden: Tough question... I would have to say the national championship run for Gonzaga in my sophomore year. I saw so many couches burning each time we won a game in March and I would do anything to get back there again this year. I have been a part of a lot other great sports moments like the 2010, 2012, 2014 San Francisco Giants World Series as well as the Golden State Warriors NBA championships in 2015, 2017, 2018 (2019, 2020, 2021...)

Daisy: What what sports/topics will you be writing about at ATQ?

Arden: I will be focusing on the Oregon basketball season as that is my favorite sport and want to continue my professional career somehow involved in basketball; With that being said, I would love to give my input on the football and baseball squad at Oregon.

Daisy: What aspect of the 2018/19 Duck basketball team has you most intrigued?

Arden: How much of an impact will the highly regarded freshmen Bol Bol, Will Richardson and Louis King make on this Oregon team?

Daisy: Obligatory - Twizzlers or Red Vines? Five Guys or In and Out? Fruit in beer: delicious nirvana or evil abomination?

Arden: Red Vines; In-N-Out (live 10 minutes away from one back home in San Mateo); unless you count putting a lime in my Corona, absolutely not.

Daisy: What is the one thing we should never tease or mock you about under any circumstances? We want to be really sure to NEVER, EVER touch on that topic.

Arden: Love the question... any grammar mistakes I may make, not a fan of the grammar police.

Oh Dear. Arden, it’s my guess that the boss forgot to mention to you that you’ve joined Addicted to Pedantry. But the good news is that the commmentariat will likely be too busy thowing shade at the fact that you drink fucking Corona to take much issue with your syntax. Friends, let’s give a big ol’ warm ATQ welcome (don’t fuck this up people) to Arden! I’m looking forward to some great basketball coverage this season!