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2019 NFL Draft: QB Big Board

Which QB prospects made it onto the internet’s most debated big board this year? How many first round picks are on the list if any?

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

1. Dwayne Haskins 6’2 214 RS Sophomore Ohio State

- Haskins was a Heisman finalist that put up monster numbers but had some inconsistent moments on occasion. A plus league ready arm talent. He’s a pocket passer that has posted a 70% completion rate, 4,580 yards and 47 touchdowns to go with just eight interceptions. Decent athlete that can move in the pocket but isn’t built to run a bunch like Lamar Jackson. Has improved pocket awareness and instincts immensely from freshman year to this current season. 70% is quite remarkable as the Buckeyes are a primarily a deep ball offense as of late. The accuracy bodes well for his NFL future should he make a decision to declare early.

Games Watched: 2018 vs Michigan State , 2018 vs TCU

2. Justin Herbert 6’5 240 Junior Oregon

- Herbert was largely considered the best QB in the class entering the 2018 season but he has regressed tremendously due to various issues such as his own inconsistencies, scheme changes, and severe OL problems. Physically, he looks the part of an NFL QB. Mentally, not so much. He has had zero inclination to look for receivers not named Dillon Mitchell in most games. The passing game was stagnant throughout 2018. Teams will pick apart his soft spoken demeanor / personality as being “soft” at the next level. Accuracy dropped almost eight percentage points while yards per attempt dropped 1.6 yards from his injury plagued sophomore season. Draft status is unknown as of press time.

3. Drew Lock 6’3 225 Senior Missouri

- Lock does have the strongest arm in the class. The deep ball is a major plus. Pocket awareness is somewhat decent. Arm is NFL ready. Can make every throw in the book. Nice quick and compact delivery. No wasted motion. Above average athlete that can make things happen on the move. He has improved on decision making this year by not relying on the fastball on every pass as much as he has in the past but is still shaky. He has accepted his invitation to the Senior Bowl. 2018 stat line: 252/399 (63.2%) 3,125 yards, 25 TDs, 8 interceptions.

Games Watched: 2018 vs South Carolina , 2018 vs Georgia , 2018 vs Alabama

4. Daniel Jones 6’5 220 RS Junior Duke

- The fast rising QB prospect is under the best possible situation as he has the coach who tutored the Mannings and is physically gifted. He has a rocket arm that can make all the throws. Athletic enough to move around in the pocket when things get messy. He had a clunker of a game against Clemson (who doesn’t) during prime time, however. There are things such as consistency in the pocket, medicals, and a worrisome accuracy (a career 59.5%) to correct. 2018 stat line: 207/351 (59%), 2,251 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. Decision about the draft is unknown at this time.

Games Watched: 2018 vs UNC 2018 vs Clemson 2018 vs Pitt

5. Will Grier 6’1 214 RS Senior West Virginia

- Grier is one of the best pocket passers in the class. He makes everything seem so effortless in terms of moving the pocket, making the right reads, and has enough arm talent to make the throws. Has enough athleticism to make things work when things are not on schedule. Footwork is a plus. The frame is a question that needs answering as he’s listed at 6’1 214. I just don’t know if he has the arm talent to make it plus the system fits are not ideal. Grier has made the decision to skip the bowl game to prepare for the draft. 2018 stats: 266/397 (67%) 3,864 yards, 37 touchdowns, 8 interceptions. He has accepted his invite to the Senior Bowl.

Games Watched: 2018 vs Tennessee 2018 vs OU

Best of the rest

6. Brett Rypien 6’2 203 Senior Boise State

- Rypien is a four year starter that has improved upon his numbers every year minus one. The one major thing I noticed about him is that he has a lightning quick release. Very good in the short and intermediate areas. Doesn’t dilly dally and knows where he’s going with the ball in an instant. Footwork is a plus even when the pocket gets messy. Not the most athletic in the world but has just enough to scramble around. Arm talent is a plus, albeit barely enough to make all the throws. Frame is a bit of a question as he looks smaller than the listed measurements. 2018 stats: 301/447 (67%), 3,705 yards, 30 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. He has an invite to the East-West Shrine Game.

Games Watched: 2018 vs Oklahoma State , 2018 vs Colorado State

7. Gardner Minshew 6’1 220 RS Senior Washington State

- He can make all the NFL throws and is very accurate in the short and intermediate game. He has completed over 70% of his passes and has lived off of crosses, slants, outs, and the other various short routes to get receivers open. The obvious system fit questions will crop up during the offseason. He’s a grad transfer from East Carolina. Has run some form of the Air Raid offense since high school. 2018 stats: 433/613 (70.6%), 4,477 yards, 36 TDs, 9 interceptions. He has accepted his invite to the Senior Bowl.

Games Watched: 2018 vs USC 2018 vs Arizona

8. Jordan Ta’amu 6’2 212 Senior Ole Miss

- Possesses a really quick release. Has an above average arm talent that can make every throw asked of him. Deep ball is very consistent. A good athlete can get you yards on designed runs if need be. There are system fit questions along with frame issues. A two year starter that has played against the best of the best and looked decent doing it. 2018 stats: 266/418 (64%), 3,918 yards, 19 TDs, 8 interceptions. He has been invited to the East-West Shrine Game.

Games Watched: 2018 vs Texas Tech 2018 vs Alabama 2018 vs Auburn

9. Ryan Finley 6’4 210 RS Senior NC State

- Finley could be one of the more underrated QB prospects in the country. He’s very fundamentally sound and has enough athleticism in the pocket to get things done. What undoes him as a prospect is that he just doesn’t have the arm talent to make it as a starter at the next level. Transferred in from Boise State in 2016. Production and accuracy has increased every year at NC State. He has accepted his invite to the Senior Bowl. No word yet on his participation in the bowl game. 2018 stats: 307/452 (67.9%), 3,789 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions.

Games Watched: 2018 vs Boston College 2018 vs Florida State

10. Tyree Jackson 6’7 245 RS Junior Buffalo

- He’s every bit of 6’7 245. Jackson is an NBA power forward playing quarterback. A somewhat elongated release. Has the arm talent to make any throw he wants to. Fundamentally raw and the competition isn’t great obviously. Was the fast rising QB prospect coming into 2018. I just don’t see it with him that says anything NFL caliber. He’s on the list due to the quality of the class being what it is. 2018 stats: 205/372 (55%) 2,857 yards, 27 TDs, 11 interceptions. Draft status is unknown as of press time.

Games Watched: 2018 vs Central Michigan 2018 vs Temple