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Weekend Fix 12-15-2018: Early Crootin Season is Upon Us

Oregon v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Saturday/Sunday are the only days I don’t have radiation therapy first thing in the morning. Mr. Daisy is out of town for the weekend and JV football season is over. All of this means that I am sleeping in SOOOOOO LATE on Saturday morning, so I am writing this for you all on Friday night.

Of course, SOOOOO LATE means about 7:30am for me these days - why is it that so many years of adulting results in a complete inability to sleep past 8:00am? I miss sleeping until noon. Okay I probably don’t really, but I miss the IDEA of sleeping until noon. But I do love to go downstairs, feed the dogs and make coffee, and then crawl back into bed to laze around for an hour with a good book or my computer and a cup of java with really fattening hazelnut creamer.

For the Ducks, this weekend is all about the Crootin of course. Lots of really good baby football players will be in Eugene to be wined and dined.

Of course all eyes will be on this guy during halftime of the New Mexico bowl. I’m sure I’ll tune in just so he doesn’t have to reach too far to slam the dagger into my heart as selects a hat without an O.

I can’t imagine how the coaches manage to host this crazy recruitment weekend AND prepare for the bowl game at the same time. The truth is, I’d never want that job.



To me, sleeping in late means

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