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Oregon’s woes continue, falling to Baylor on the road 57-47

Start as the turtle, finish as the hare. Still didn’t win the race.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon at Baylor
Baylor guard Mario Kegler controls ball between Oregon Ducks defenders.
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon stumbles on the road against Baylor with Bol Bol out for the third game straight.

Sitting out for the foreseeable future with a left foot injury, Bol’s presence was severely missed by the rest of the flock, Friday night at the Ferrell Center in Waco, Texas. The Ducks’ struggles primarily came in the first half falling to a 15-1 run to begin the game, managing only three points in the first 12 minutes of basketball. Oregon’s offense seemed out-of-sorts, giving up nine turnovers and shooting 7-24 (29.2%) in the first half.

The Ducks scratched and clawed their way back to make it a one-score game in the second half with six minutes remaining, hitting 11-22 from the field and 6-12 (50%) from beyond the arch. Late-game efforts weren’t enough however for a young Oregon lineup that shot itself in the foot offensively in the first. Not only was it evident the Ducks were severely lacking without Bol, but the loss of Abu Kigab (left ankle) to Dana Altman’s rotation has caused disorganization within the team as well.

Without an accurate time-table for a return to the lineup for Bol, or Kigab, Altman’s going to have to coach-up an inexperienced squad that continues to struggle to get things going early in games. While it was encouraging to see them fight their way back into the game, you have to think Oregon let Friday’s 57-47 loss to Baylor slip through their fingers, or should I say feathers.

Take-aways from the game:

  • Tale of two halves: Oregon is slow to start from the tip-off and struggles to get in rhythm to begin games.
  • Major insufficiencies in the post game offensively. Only 12 points scored in the paint all night.
  • Lack of a scoring threat without Bol on the floor. The Ducks are still trying to find out who they can go to in clutch situations.
  • Good to see the Ducks get back into the game, but too often have they started out slow in the first half resulting in losses.
  • Turnovers are killing Oregon.
  • It looks like they’re discombobulated on Defense and forcing things on the offensive end. Makes you wonder if this young group is struggling to understand Altman’s system and what he’s trying to run.
  • Underwhelmed by what’s been seen out of Louis King in his last two game started
  • Lack size and ability to rebound extremely evident without Bol. Ducks were out rebounded 33-18 by the Broncos who scored 34 points in the paint compared to Oregon’s 12.
  • One positive thing: Probably could watch Wooten jump and play defense all game. Now if only his offensive game could pick up the pace as well.


*Payton Pritchard: (39 MIN) 14 PTS / 3 REB / 3 AST

*Will Richardson: (30 MIN) 10 PTS / 2 REB / 3 AST

*Kenny Wooten Jr.: (31 MIN) 4 PTS / 4 REB

*Louis King: (26 MIN) 5 PTS / 2 REB / 4 AST

*Paul White: (31 MIN) 5 PTS / 2 REB / 5 PF

Victor Bailey Jr: (27 MIN) 7 PTS / 1 REB / 1 AST

Fancis Okoro: (9 MIN) 2 PTS / 1 REB / 1 AST

Ehab Amin: (7 MIN) 0 PTS / 0 REB / 0 AST


*Tristan Clark: (38 MIN) 13 / 8 REB / 1 AST

*King McClure (34 MIN) 8 PTS / 4 REB / 1 AST

*Mario Kegler (28 MIN) 7 PTS / 6 REB / 2 AST

*Mark Vital (29 MIN) 11 PTS / 8 REB / 1 AST

*Makai Mason (34 MIN) 14 PTS / 3 REB / 4 AST

Devonte Bandoo (11 MIN) 2 PTS / 0 REB / 2 AST

Jared Butler (15 MIN) 2 PTS / 1 REB / 3 AST

Matthew Mayer (9 MIN) 0 PTS / 0 REB / 0 AST

Flo Thamba (2 MIN) 0 PTS / 0 REB / 0 AST

Heading into Christmas break, Oregon has a week till they face Boise State for the second time this season. The Ducks are 1-0 against the Broncos beating them 66-54 just a week prior. Oregon overcame Boise State last time with Bol in the starting lineup, but things could go much differently this time for the Ducks on the road in Boise.

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