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Weekend Fix 12-22-2018: Why the f*&%^ not?

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The truth is, we’re a football school. I know we love all things Duck, but as I watch the basketball team languish in a pit of unfulfilled expectations it occurs to me that if this were the football team (or maybe I should just say, rewind back to late October) this place would be a cesspool of anguish and angst and outrage.

But instead, everyone is flush with happiness from signing the best class of recruits in Oregon football history. This was a test and here are the results: Football School.

Today you have two assignments: 1. Hit up Sodd’s Top 25 books post and drop yours in the comments.

2. Topic du jour: What is one thing that you’ve been thinking you want to do but either lack of courage or circumstances have prevented you? My experiences over the last 4 months have left me with a curious change in approach to life. While I used to be quite practical and risk-averse, lately all I can seem to think is “Why the fuck not?” I seem to be applying it to pretty much everything.

BC (before cancer) I had never really seriously entertained the idea of getting a tattoo, but I got four little ones to line up the radiation treatments and now I’m all “Why the fuck not? I’m getting a tattoo when I’m done with treatment.” I always wished I had learned a second language rather than just half-assed studying French in HS and college. So now I’m all “Why the fuck not? I’m going to study Italian.” I really have wanted another GSD but we already have two dogs. “Why the fuck not? Ima start a dog harem.” I have been thinking a lot over the last couple of years about starting my own consulting biz. “Why the fuck not? I’m going to register an LLP and start putting some feelers out.”

Tell us your thing. What do you want to do that you’ve had a hard time working up to? Be transparent and vulnerable, because we’re SO FUCKING GOOD AT THAT SHIT ON THIS MALE DOMINATED SPORTS BLOG. Not a single Pac12 bowl game today, so we’ve got nothing better to talk about!

Speaking of which, here is the Bowl game schedule for today. VERY slim pickings.

We have a few seniors invited to the NFL combine - good luck to Jalen, Ugo & Justin!

The one blindingly bright spot in Duck landscape is the women’s basketball team. Serious group of kick-ass women we’ve got right now.

And the men? Well, meh.

Just 9 days until we get to see how much those extra practices has benefited our boys!