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Weekend Fix 12-8-18: Army/Navy and Heismans

2014 Heisman Trophy Presentation Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

We’re an Army house. My husband is in the Army and my son is an Army ROTC Cadet. My dad is a Navy man, spent 10 years on aircraft carriers all over the world post-Korea and pre-Vietnam. The last two years were the first years in many that Mr. Daisy had the opportunity to lord it over his father-in-law at the end of the first Saturday in December. Today is the opposite of a meteor game - it’s the one game a year where everybody wins. Will you be cheering particularly hard for one or the other today?

Also happening today - someone is going to win the Heisman. It might be someone that is going to send half of ATQ into wails of injustice and wild lamentations. So, I posted a photo of St. Marcus in New York so we can all bask in warm remembrance instead (no, I am not holding onto any illusions that this will actually work).

Army vs Navy is at noon PST on CBS.

I’m not going to tell you when the Heisman ceremony is - you shouldn’t watch.

Have a great weekend and Go Army and Go Ducks!


Friend of the blog Ken Goe had a very interesting talk with Alabama AD Greg Byrne. Unfortunately, it’s probably not very surprising to read Greg Byrne’s take on Pac12 leadership, I think we’ve all suspected this for some time.

Oregon Softball seems to be hemorrhaging all-star players. Hard not to find this demoralizing, if not a situation for full blown ATQ panic. I don’t pretend to understand what’s happening on the inside, but I will tell you this: If I was hired by a company to take their already successful product or department to the next level, and shortly after I came on board all of the most talented and high performing employees quit, I would have FAILED in my new job.

Dana Altman says don’t panic. Bless your heart, Dana.

Even if the news is concerning on the basketball and softball fronts, Duck Volleyball is kicking ass and taking names. Their Elite Eight game is today vs. Nebraska at 3pm on ESPNU. GO DUCKS!