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2018 Scouting Combine: Oregon Ducks Review

NCAA Football: Southern Utah at Oregon Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

There were three former Ducks that participated in the NFL Combine yesterday, including two of the best in program history. How did they fare and measure up to the best of the best in their field?

Tyrell Crosby OT

H/W: 6’5 325

Hands: 10 3/4”

Arms: 35 1/4”


5.23 40 yard dash

17 bench press reps (225 lbs)

30” vertical jump

105” broad jump

7.89 3 cone drill

1.86 10 yard split of the 40


- Crosby finished with the sixth best 40 yard time for offensive linemen. 17 bench press reps isn’t ideal for a guy his size. He placed in top five overall in terms of arm length so he does not have to move to guard due to short arms. The 10 yard split is important for linemen because it measures explosion off the ball. The 1.86 is a solid number which placed him in the top 10. He looked good during the mirror drill, showing off excellent footwork and above average ability to stay with the “rabbit” (another OL playing the role of a DL). Quick feet. In a true live fire situation against a pass rusher, he would’ve completely locked the defender out. However, he looked really slow when linemen had to start by getting up from the ground. Slow backpedal and acceleration was an issue.

The Twitters


Atlanta Falcons

Philadelphia Eagles

New Orleans Saints

San Francisco 49ers

Oakland Raiders

Final Summary

Stock up. He didn’t wow anyone but didn’t tank his stock either. Was a top 5 tackle in the class and left Indianapolis with that intact. I think he can stay at left tackle but would be best suited on the right side, or even transition to guard.

Royce Freeman RB

H/W: 5’11 234

Hands: 9 1/2”

Arms: 32”


4.54 40 yard dash

17 bench press reps (225)

34” vertical jump

118” broad jump

6.9 3 cone drill

4.16 20 yard shuttle

11.64 60 yard shuttler


- Freeman looked good during the drills. He’s a lot more agile than some expected. He ranked top 10 in the 40 time. The 40 time is good for him since he is bigger than most of the backs. In terms of Pac-12 conference backs, he placed 2nd in vertical jumps. I really like that he is fluid given his size.

The Twitters


Detriot Lions

Philadelphia Eagles

San Francisco 49ers

Final Summary

- Stock up. He proved that he’s a lot quicker than a guy his size usually proves. He might get drafted early due to his immense production and the ability to outperform expectations. He lost weight reportedly for this event.