BREAKING: Willie Taggart leaves FSU for ASU

The coaching staff and players of the Florida State Seminoles football team were shocked this morning when the news broke that former Western Kentucky-USF-Oregon coach Willie Taggart would be taking over the vacant ASU job.

"...What he explained to me was (ASU) was a place he admired as a youngster and early on in his career. It held a special place in his heart from a young age," said a half-dressed Seminole Fan.

The tear-drenched Taggart addressed a saddened group of players, then left too abruptly for further questioning.

Four hours later, Taggart appeared at an ASU press conference. After riveting opening remarks and a standing ovation, the new head coach left with a smile.

"Have a great day if you want to," he said with one foot out the door.

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