BREAKING: Taggart mistakes USF for FSU, goes back to FSU

The coaching staff and players of the Florida State Seminoles football team were shocked this morning when the news broke that former WKU-USF-Oregon-FSU-ASU-UW-USF coach Willie Taggart would be re-taking over the vacant FSU job after their former coach left abruptly.

"...What he explained to me was (FSU) was a place he admired as a youngster and early on in his career. It held a special place in his heart from a young age," said the same half-dressed Seminole fan from before.

The tear-drenched Taggart addressed a stunned group of players, then left too abruptly for further questioning.

One hour later, Taggart appeared at a FSU press conference. After riveting opening remarks and a standing ovation, the new head coach left with a smile.

"Have a great day if you want to," he said with one foot out the door.

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