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Dishing Quack: Meet Your New Managing Editor

Fearless Leader

Welcome to a new semi-regular feature on Addicted to Quack - “Dishing Quack” with your host Daisy. Here I will write about whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I feel like it! First up, I want to talk about our new Managing Editor, Adam Chimeo, also known around these parts as Mariotasmustache.

Quick aside: What is the obsession this site seems to have with Duck facial hair? First we have Dan Fouts Beard, and now our new overlord is named after MM’s stache. I am beginning to think I should change my username to Sabrina Ionescu’s Ponytail.

Following in the footsteps of previous ME’s David Piper, jtlight & Sean Larson, ATQ welcomes our newest ME and previous commentariat regular Adam Chimeo. I sat down with (okay, I actually slacked with) Adam to learn a little more about him so we can have plenty of ammunition, er, enjoy getting to know the new boss.

o Tell us about your background with the University of Oregon. Are you an alumnus? A general fan?

I first fell in love with U of O athletics during the 2009 football season. I was what the peasants of Winterfell would refer to as a “summer child” in my first few years of Duck fandom. I was a freshman during Mike Bellotti’s final season, and graduated with a degree in Cinema Studies the year Chip Kelly led us to a victory over Wisconsin- which I watched at Tiny Tavern with a bunch of beautiful, freaky Whiteaker locals.

Although my hometown of Medford, Oregon is deep Duck country, the first time I realized this was going to be a lifelong obsession was the double-overtime game at Arizona during the 2009 season. A cook, a cashier and I listened to the last half of the game on the radio at Caspian’s restaurant. When Masoli finally scored for the win, I knew I was hooked.

o Tell us a little about yourself IRL. Where do you currently reside? What are your hobbies? Do you have any little ducklings running about your house?

Brace yourselves… I live in Seattle, Washington. HOLD ON! Before you go claiming I’m a secret Husky fan, know this: I am a rogue agent employed by Phil Knight himself to collect dirt on UW and Jake Browning. As you can tell by recent results, my effectiveness is slipping.

My hobbies include my band, Mo Brown and The Shit Downtown, and my podcast. Quack 12 Podcast started eight months ago and hasn’t missed a weekly episode yet. It was my first step in sports journalism and I can honestly say it’s made me happier than anything else I’ve ever done.

I have no Ducklings... that I know of.

o What inspired you to apply for the Managing Editor position and why would you possibly want to be overlord to this merry band of miscreants known as ATQ?

Overlord is not something you apply for; it’s something you are born into. But all joking aside, what inspired me to apply is the community itself. I’m sure no one needs to be told how chock-full of garbage most comment sections are, this seemed to be the only place solely focused on the Ducks while taking next to nothing else seriously.

The last couple of years have been a bit turbulent for ATQ, but you miscreants have been the crazy glue that holds it together. After a couple failed attempts at becoming a contributor, I decided to cover the women’s basketball team in the fanposts. People were super supportive and I started having more and more fun doing them. After missing out on the ME position the first time, it started to feel like I needed to write for the sake of content so the site wouldn’t feel like a graveyard. Now it’s starting to feel like something bigger than a hobby or requirement.

I love writing for ATQ because it makes me feel like I’m making a microscopic contribution to the history of the sports I cover. The University of Oregon and its teams give me a lot of entertainment, and in writing about it I feel a sense of peace. I owe a lot to the university… literally. Like, tens of thousands of dollars.

o Tell us a little bit about your vision for the site. Envision a time when ATQ is really humming - what does that look like in your mind?

The year is 2020. Coach Cristobal enters his third year as Oregon’s Head Coach with twenty wins and a PAC-12 Championship under his belt. The hype train is more decked out than Doc Brown’s time machine at the end of Back to the Future III. And ATQ is more than ready to cover it.

● Daily Quack Fixes from Dr. Akili’s Heel and staff.

● High-quality recaps and previews for football, baseball, basketball, T & F and the diamond sports.

● A weekly review of under-the-radar, non-revenue sports.

● Interviews with Duck legends and aficionados on the award winning Quack 12 Podcast and through articles.

● Game threads of unprecedented panic reaching a thousand.

● Frequent contests, writing prompts and projects that engage the community.

● Feature articles on a regular basis.

o Who is your favorite Duck? If your answer is the righteously ubiquitous Marcus Mariota, please give us 1B as well.

It is of course the marvelously masculine and mustachioed Marcus Mariota, but picking a runner up is not so easy. LaMichael James was the first player I really noticed separate from the rest of the team. I believe Darron Thomas gets a criminal lack of respect for what he achieved.

Is it sacrilege not to go with one of the all-time greats? Should it be Joey Harrington, Dennis Dixon, Bobby Moore (AKA Ahmad Rashād), Jonathan Stewart, Dan Fouts, Kenny Wheaton? Or should I go truly oldschool with Norm Van Brocklin, Shy Huntington, or even Jake Leicht?

Chris Boucher and Jordan Bell are very tempting choices as well, and I suspect Sabrina Ionescu will one day claim the spot, but it seems appropriate to wait and see what other ridiculous feats she can accomplish.

So, I’ll go with Haloti Ngata, for his larger-than-life presence on and off the field.

Vernon Adams wins my Miss Congeniality award.

o What is your favorite Duck memory?

Speaking of Vernon Adams, the night he scrambled for a seemingly endless amount of time and then eventually connected with a tumbling Dwayne Stanford to send it into overtime was also the same night the Portland Timbers beat Kansas City in an 11-shot penalty kick shootout in the playoffs. Watching those games back-to-back was an insane experience, and probably one of the greatest nights in Oregon Sports history.

o What is your favorite non-rev Duck sport?

As of right now, Women’s Basketball has stolen my heart. The team is so gosh darn likeable and talented, and I hope that through their success we can get to the point where Matt Knight Arena is regularly selling out to eager fans chanting MVP for Ionescu.

Softball is a distant, but still beloved, second in my book. Otherwise, my “expertise” begin to wear thin. Golf is by far my least favorite sport, if you can call it that and not a game where rich people take the best land in their surrounding area and section it off to drive around carts for exercise.

I don’t like golf.

o If you weren’t a Duck fan, which other clearly less awesome college team would you follow?

Honestly, the Beavers. I’ve always thought of them as the little brother and not the hated rival (plus, they really hate it when you call them that.) Though I imagine it would get pretty old to watch that much sucky football.

As far as other conferences go:







MAC: Western Michigan

MW: Fresno State



o Obligatory: Twizzlers or Red Vines? Five Guys or In and Out? Fruit in beer – delicious nirvana or evil abomination?

Red Vines, Five Guys, and as for fruit in beer it gets complicated. The best beer doesn’t need fruit because it’s actually good, and the beer that needs fruit (Corona, Blue Moon) needs it because in reality it tastes like spit. Personally, I realized that I needed to drastically cut back on my drinking, and I’m glad to say it’s been awhile since I’ve had a beer, but if I was gonna slam one back it definitely wouldn’t be a beer that needs assistance.

o In your opinion, what was the best thing to ever happen on ATQ? The Agate Alley geography lesson? Tako Tuesday’s Fun with MS Paint? Bohemian Quacksody? HRD’s Fuck Everyone Fanpost? I will also accept write-in nominations.

Tough call, but I’m gonna have to go with [Matt Daddy’s] Oregon’s Greatest Games bracket. Though it would probably be good to revisit HRD’s fanpost on a regular basis so I don’t go mad with power.

o Who is your favorite moderator? It’s okay, you can tell them.

Los Patos has been really supportive ever since I made my case for ME. It’s really apparent he cares for this place.

For awhile Akili’s Heel was the only reason we had content and he deserves credit, even if no one clicks on the links.

But my favorite mod should be obvious by now. Who else but the always-helpful, often sarcastic, ban-happy, potentially beautiful… Double Duck!

Just kidding, you know it’ll always be you Daisy! P.S. please don’t ban me.