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A Message from ATQ’s New Managing Editor

Greetings Addicted to Quack!

It is I! Your new Overlord/Managing Editor, Mariota’s Mustache (AKA Adam Chimeo). Although my sports journalism career is short and riddled with spelling errors, I believe that I am well equipped to lead this motley crew because of one reason- I give a damn!

Throughout the years of lurking, posting, and ranting, I’ve grown to love this little slice of internet we’ve carved out for ourselves. All the endless pun threads, the off-topic banter, the pedantry, the obscure player references, the Bill Musgrave’s, the panic; they all help form a community of diehard Ducks that recognize the value of the team and its fans.

We’ve been through the taggarting, the Alamo Bowl, Chris Boucher’s injury, Dennis Dixon’s injury, Vernon Adam’s injury, National Championship loss #1, National Championship loss #2, the National Championship invite snub, Jake Browning’s finger point, Brady Hoke, the Toilet Bowl, and so much more. So I assure you, my reign will not be the worst thing us Duck fans have been through.

To all regular members of ATQ: I thank you so much for your support and readership over the last few months. I realize that the comment section is the lifeblood of this site, so rest assured that the site will run much the same as it did before-only with more content.

To all new members of ATQ: Welcome! This is a place filled with passionate fans of the University of Oregon and we’re glad to have ya! Unless you’re a washington fan, in which case leave promptly and consider the terrible life decisions you’ve made that have brought you to your, most likely, crappy “life”.

My first steps will be to organize our current mods and contributors so we’re all on the same page. I’ll attempt to reach out to you all individually, but in case I miss you or you wish to take a larger role on the site, don’t hesitate to contact me (

Next, I will begin my search for new contributors. I have a few people in mind but feel free to send me any leads or suggestions (and no, kidnapping Tako is not an option.) Expect more coverage of more sports, weekly podcast episodes, and more community involvement.

Excited for the future of ATQ!

Go Ducks!

That being said, I’m taking my talents to Florida State.