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Troy Brown drafted by Washington Wizards, 15th Overall

University of Oregon v University of Oklahoma

Troy Brown officially becomes the Oregon Ducks’ first one-and-NBA with the 15th overall selection in the NBA draft! He’ll be taking his talents to the Washington Wizards.

More power to him. Still 18 years old, he’s the 3rd youngest college player ever drafted.

As any Oregon b-ball watcher knows, Troy’s being drafted largely on potential here - he was a productive-but-not-spectacular contributor on a mediocre 2017-18 team that didn’t make the tourney. In a way I’m a little surprised he went this high, but he’s been projected as a first rounder by scouts throughout and exhibited no deal-breaking weaknesses to dispute this notion his freshman year.

This past NBA season the Wizards struggled to get consistent production from their bench, and Troy’s versatility - both offensive & defensive - provides excellent plug & play potential to that end.

For Oregon going forward, this sets a a huge precedent - top tier recruits can come here and even without a world-beater season still earn 1st round placement after one season. Whatever your opinions on the current dynamic of college basketball & the pros, it definitely marks UO as being competitive for a new tier of recruit.

Congrats Troy, thanks for being a Duck!