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Duck Football Brimming with Brotherly Love

The Herberts, Faolius, and Dyes bring a new level of competition to the Ducks

Las Vegas Bowl - Boise State v Oregon Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

The Oregon Duck family tree is ancient and its roots go deep. Names like McLemore, Huntington, Winn, Harrington, Fouts, Wilcox, Musgrave, and Malepeai will go down as the royal bloodlines of Oregon football.

To be elite a team must play as a single unit, and what better way to establish this unity then by recruiting brothers. Let us review the siblings of the 2018 Duck football family.

Herbert Heritage

Justin & Patrick

The most intriguing duo may never play a game together at Autzen. The announcement of four star tight end Patrick Herbert has Duck fans thrilled with the possibility of a Herbert to Herbert touchdown. However, the more hype that older brother Justin receives the more likely it is that he’ll leave for the NFL before Patrick’s Duck debut. One thing is for sure, Rich Schwab -Justin and Patrick’s maternal grandfather and a wide receiver on Oregon’s 1963 Sun Bowl team- would be very proud of these young Ducks.

100 points for Griffin

Taj & Ty

Although Ty has finished his career as a Duck, the Griffin brothers have a long history of playing together. In High School, the brothers both played on McEachern High School’s football team, and played in an offense similar to Chip Kelly’s. Like most brothers, the duo have always been competitive. In fact, when the two played in high school, Taj would complain that Ty never gave him the ball when they ran the zone read.

After deciding that Georgia Tech’s offense was not his style, Ty decided he wanted to transfer. Taj told Mark Helfrich about his brother, and the rest is Duck history.

Watch as they attempt to show CSN how to dab.

The Dye-namic Duo

Troy & Travis

Troy and Travis Dye have already clashed at Autzen. During the Spring Game, older brother Troy stuffed Travis on the goal line. Though, to be fair, there have been a few reports of Travis getting the better of big bro in one-on-one drills. Troy was the best thing to come out of the Brady Hoke led defense, hopefully some friendly competition between the Dye family will help Travis emerge as a go-to running back.

The Super Mariota Brothers

Marcus & Matt

No player has more to live up to than Matt Mariota. The younger brother of legendary quarterback Marcus Mariota switched from linebacker to tight end after his redshirt freshman season. And although Matt has yet to catch a pass in a game, his position change came at a time of great need for the Ducks as three tight ends had transferred the year before.

Last year, Marcus returned to Eugene during the offseason after breaking his leg in the NFL. Marcus took advantage of the Marcus Mariota Center during his rehabilitation. He also helped Matt by tossing the pigskin around, benefiting both players with some much needed practice. It can’t be easy playing at a university with a building named after your brother, but Matt remains close with Marcus, texting him after every practice.

The Fantastic Mr. Faolius

Austin & Andrew

Austin Faoliu’s freshman year was eclipsed by Jordon Scott (understandably so considering the size of Scott, AKA Fat Mack). Still, the freshman’s strength and football IQ were a welcome site to Duck fans that were tired of flimsy defensive line play. Younger brother Andrew Faoliu was eager to join Austin, taking advantage of the early signing period by committing to Oregon. If Andrew can reach the same level of success that his brother achieved during his freshman campaign then Joe Salave’a will be a very happy man.

Utah v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images