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Oregon Hockey: Giant Beneath the Ice - an interview with Team Captain Trevor Shott

He Shott, he scored

Welcome to Frozen Friday!

Addicted to Quack is your home for Oregon Duck Hockey coverage.

We’ve interviewed General Manager Sam Rosenberg, we’ve interviewed Head Coach Rylee Orr, and now we are lucky enough to chat with Team Captain Trevor Shott!

Last year was Trevor Shott’s fourth and final year playing for Oregon Hockey. The two-year team captain holds the record for points scored in a career by a Duck, and is an avid supporter of taking this team to the next level.

So, without further ado...

ATQ speaks with Duck Hockey’s

Former Team Captain Trevor Shott

(Photo Credit: Brent Howe)

ATQ: What are your duties as Team Captain?

Captain Shott: The team captain is there to serve as a leader both on and off the ice. Whether it’s making sure all the new guys are getting acclimated to the school and the city or pushing everyone to be their best during practice. They’re responsible for showing up to all team events and making sure guys are continuing to improve and give 100%.

ATQ: Do the players feel a larger sense of ownership, since the team is financed through player dues?

Captain Shott: Absolutely. Everything about our team is student-run and student-led. We try and keep our dues as low as possible, but players are responsible for a large part of our roughly $90,000 budget. We have guys on the team who are elected as President and Treasurer who take on the most responsibility, but this really is a team effort to make sure that our team succeeds.

ATQ: Is the Huskie hate as powerful as it is in football? How badly do you guys want the I-5 cup?

Captain Shott: We hate everything about the Huskies. Winning the I-5 Cup is one of the top goals that our team sets every year. I’m confident that the team will win the cup next year.

ATQ: Do you believe that your team is ready for D1 competition?

Captain Shott: I think we are getting close to competing at the ACHA D1 level. We’ve got a great recruiting class coming next year and they’re going to instantly take us to the next level. Competing at ACHA D1 is the short term goal and we’re very close to doing that. We have a very dedicated coaching staff who are prepared to recruit the guys necessary to make this happen and develop our players to be the best they can be. The move to NCAA D1 is a much longer process, but it’s definitely our long-term goal. The University of Oregon is such an athletic powerhouse that ice hockey would be a great addition to the athletics department. We’re excited about our future and hopeful that we’ll be able to be a part of bringing NCAA hockey to the West Coast.

(Photo Credit: Brent Howe)

ATQ: Who do you think will score the most goals for the Ducks this year?

Captain Shott: I think the favorite right now is Connor Rendell, who has one hell of a shot and a knack for scoring goals. That being said, we’ve got so many talented players coming in next year that it’s hard to answer that question. All I know for sure is that we expect to score a lot of goals next year as a group.

ATQ: Which games are you most excited to play this year?

Captain Shott: The games that I’m most excited for are the I-5 Cup games against UW. Other than that we’ve got a lot of good competition this upcoming year. Boise State and San Diego State always have great teams and Eastern Washington is combining their two teams and should be highly competitive. We’re also in the works for some high profile games the following year that we’re excited to announce in the future.

ATQ: How would you describe your team’s chemistry?

Captain Shott: We had a really close-knit group of guys this past year. Our season starts the very first week of school and so it’s important that we’re all on the same page from the get-go. Not only are we close on the ice, but a lot of our guys live together and we’re always hanging out with each other whether it’s for a team barbeque, a hiking trip, or to watch the NHL.

ATQ: Who are some of your favorite players to have ever played for Duck Hockey?

Captain Shott: I actually don’t know a ton of players other than the ones I’ve played with in the last 4 years. I’ve learned different things from different players including Alex Sulitzer, Chris Campbell, and Patrick Sgarlata. But I’d also have to shout out Terran Donnelly, Will Daniels, Cody Drees, and Jake Yale. It’s hard to narrow that list down because I know I’m leaving out a lot of great people and close friends because of how close we are as a team.

ATQ: How often do you guys bring up Disney’s “The Mighty Ducks”, and do your fans do the quack chant?

Captain Shott: We honestly don’t bring it up much at all. We’re kind of our own thing and want to be recognized as our own team rather than stuck behind a fictional Disney team. That being said, we’ve got plenty guys on the team who love the movies and it would be pretty cool to get a quack chant going every once in a while.

ATQ: What can fans do to support this team?

Captain Shott: The biggest thing fans can do to support us is to come to our games and cheer for us! We love playing in front of our fans and they’re a huge part of our success. We also stream games online (for free!) our fans that don’t live nearby and aren’t able to attend in person. Outside of showing support at games, we do sell our jerseys and apparel online at for fans who want to rock one of the best jerseys in the entire nation! As we mentioned earlier, our team is funded primarily through player dues and so we do have a place to donate to the team to help offset the high costs of playing the sport we love. This can be found at and all donations are tax-deductible.

And if hockey legend Trevor Shott’s passion for the program isn’t enough for you lazy Duck fans to fly to the rink,