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Witness The Fitness, Week 6

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The halfway point approaches! Last week we had green squares galore, keep racking them up:

If you’re looking to add a new wrinkle into your routine, the Oregon strength & conditioning staff have started the 45 Day Bi-Tri Challenge. Since he’s got more charisma than yours truly, I’ll let Coach Feld give the intro:

ScoopDuck also recently spoke with Feld about Oregon’s new weight room equipment and some of the philosophy behind his football S&C training.

And here’s a piece in Outside magazine entitled “Running Needs Another Steve Prefontaine”, basically lamenting that track & field has lacked a rockstar-like athlete who can bring in casual fans since Pre’s death. It’s a little odd that the writer delivers this premise & then only devotes one sentence to international superstar Usain Bolt, but for distance running it seems to hold up. I know there are some knowledgable T&F fans around here, what do you think of this - is a distance “star” that can inspire a new generation of runners even possible these days? Is it a sport with room to grow?

Check in below!

Also, optional discussion topic – everyone loves talking about their past injuries, what is the most unfortunate sports/athletics injury you’ve experienced? Give us the details.