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Bryan Addison, 2018 4* Athlete, Commits to Ducks

Safety or Wide Receiver? Why not both?

Stanford v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Oregon Ducks added a game-changing piece to their current roster with the commitment of 4* athlete Bryan Addison. A week after officially being released by Chip Kelly’s UCLA Bruins, Addison tweeted that Arizona State, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington were his four potential landing spots.

The four-star from Gardena, California ranks as the 3rd best athlete, the 11th highest recruit out of California, and the 98th overall in the class of ‘18. Addison first built a relationship with linebackers coach Donte Williams while he was at Nebraska, but coach Heyward made the biggest impact on his switch to Oregon.

Offense or Defense?

Since Addison never officially enrolled at UCLA, he is eligible to play immediately. The question is, what position does he play? He’s had the most contact with coach Heyward and Williams, but is there any possibility he plays receiver? At 6’5, he has the potential to be an immediate starter and go-to option for Hometown Herbert.

On the other hand, he has proven himself as a talented safety, perhaps not talented enough to steal a starting role, but certainly good enough to be a regular backup. Will he pull a reverse-Schooler and start at receiver before switching to safety, or will he become a Charles Nelson type, playing both sides of the ball? Only time will tell.


The tape on Addison shows a player that knows how to utilize his impressive size. Whether he’s destroying passing lanes or reaching over the heads of DBs, it’s clear that he knows how to take advantage of a height disparity. At receiver he reminds me a lot of Dwayne Stanford; not the fastest player on the roster but a long-limbed and consistent target. Would be a great replacement of Jalen Hall, if we ever find out more about Hall’s status with the team.