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Quack Fix 7-5-18: New Quack 12 Podcast Hotline!

Pac-12 Championship - Arizona v Oregon

Happy 5th of July!

Now sober up, you’ve got work today!

On to the links:

247 asks the question “What if Chip Kelly were an Oregon lifer?” These what-ifs that 247 are publishing are getting more and more painful.

Saturday Down South, an SEC site, searches for the next “America’s Team”, and gives the Ducks some serious consideration. At the same time, they don’t know who our true rival is, so maybe not the most reliable source.

My personal favorite Duck basketball player, Chris boucher, joins the Toronto Raptors’ summer league. Fingers crossed he gets picked up!

And now for the biggest news...

The Quack 12 Podcast has a hotline now!

That’s right! You can call, leave a message, and hear your beautiful voice on the podcast!

(661) 532-8742! That’s right! (661) 532-8742!