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Tight End: 2018 Spring Recap + Fall Preview

Let’s see what Breeland can do with two hands!

Oregon v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

How will the Ducks rebuild their depth at the tight end position? Is Jacob Breeland the obvious starter despite his past injury? If so, who will step up into the number two role behind him? Will we have multiple tight ends that can contribute in 2018? Who will help the most in setting up the run game?

Pre Spring Depth Chart

1. Jacob Breeland 6’5 243 RS Junior

2. Cam McCormick 6’5 247 RS Sophomore

3. Matt Mariota 6’2 222 RS Junior

4. Hunter Kampmoyer 6’4 262 RS Sophomore


- Breeland didn’t have to worry about his job security and still doesn’t as he is the Ducks’ top option. In fact, he sat out the spring practices due to injury and still wasn’t challenged. He was the third leading receiver during the 2017 season, posting 18 receptions for 320 yards and five touchdowns.

- Surprisingly, the Ducks may have several decent options to fulfill the backup role behind the him. Breeland was the clear safety option for the quarterbacks last year as he led the team in receiving touchdowns. Cam McCormick is finally healthy after a rough start to his college career. He should be featured early and often in 2018 to give Breeland a breather and to play in multiple TE sets.

- McCormick played all of the 2017 season but posted a line of six receptions for 89 yards and one touchdown. He will have to build on these numbers to be taken seriously by the opposing defense.

- Mariota is the ever reliable swiss army knife guy for the Ducks as he’s endured several position changes and did so without complaint. He’s also the brother of some famous pro Duck named Marcus- you may have heard of him.

- Speaking of position changes, Kampmoyer has been there and done that. He’s moved from defensive end, linebacker and now to tight end. I hope he finally settles down at this position and excels. Received noted praise from the head coach during the spring according to reports.

- Since Breeland missed out on the spring, McCormick impressed as the stand in top option throughout the proceedings according to several reports.

Post Spring Depth Chart

1. Jacob Breeland

2. Cam McCormick

3. Dillon Kano (transfer from the University of South Florida)

4. Matt Mariota

5. Hunter Kampmoyer

Redshirt Candidate

1. Spencer Webb


- Nothing new at the top but I expect to see a lot more of multiple tight end sets featured in Marcus Arroyo’s offense. The offense can’t solely rely on Breeland and get away with it most times. He’s a valuable asset but the receivers have to step up as well.

- Dillon Kano is a graduate transfer from USF so expect him to challenge McCormick during fall camp for the number two job.

- Mariota beats out Kampmoyer due to the latter’s inexperience at the position after just moving there this past spring. Coaches are high on him so who knows what fall will bring.

- Spencer Webb is likely to be redshirted due to the depth ahead of him so he has the benefit of sitting and learning the system.

- I fully expect Cristobal and Arroyo to creatively deploy the TEs in a variety of roles to throw off the defense and to supplement a rebuilt running back group. I’d like to see them used as slot receivers inside, outside receivers, and as halfbacks. Sometimes a little fullback role thrown in to help out at the position.

- I like the depth at the position to offset the lack of experience in the running back and receiver rooms.