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Frozen Fridays 7-6-18: Addicted to Quack, your home for Oregon Duck Hockey

Photo Credit: Allan Johnstone

Welcome to Frozen Fridays!

(This is my friends Ex-Oregon Duck Hockey Player Sam Satre rocking a mullet, which was once mandatory for rookies. Photo Credit: Some Rando)

All month, Fridays are dedicated to the


Feel free to chat about whatever the hell you want to in the comment section,

but not before you click these links:

The Duck Hockey Store! (though it may not be currently running, since the website states “Our team shop is now closed for” and then they forgot to finish the sentence. But who am I, of all people, to critique mental errors.)

And if you’re really into them, and are a current student at the university,

try our for the team!

(Photo Credit: Devin Roux)