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Witness The Fitness, Week 9

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Alright people - 9 weeks done, 5 weeks left!

As mentioned last time I trimmed the WTF roster of any folks who’d been AWOL for a month or more, but if you want to be re-added for the stretch run just let me know. Ditto if I missed your check-in last week.

We are deep in the throes of August, not usually the most friendly month for outdoor exercise For example, here in Portland the high today is 100 with a smoky haze hanging motionless in the air. What are some of your techniques for still getting your fitness in when summer conditions aren’t ideal?

Hydration is key obviously. Along those lines here’s a longform SI article from 1968 about this revolutionary new thirst quencher that the Florida Gators are employing to great effect – Gator-Ade! Color me skeptical of its wider appeal though, who’d want to drink salty citrus-flavored water?

With slightly over a month left, feels like a good time to prompt for adjusted goals. Without some radical fasting or a wasting illness I’m not going to make my target weight in 5 weeks, but rather than see it at as a failure how about we allow for a one-off recalibration. If you’re in the same boat - got the impression there are several - let’s hear your new target. Any progress is good progress, chalk it up as a learning experience.

If you are hardcore & are on track to make your original goal, whatever that was, carry on & don’t let up! You can pat yourself on the back September 22nd.

Check in below! I’ll close this out with another message from Coach Feld, who incidentally just celebrated his 31st birthday last week: