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Quack Fix 8-7-18: Talking Defense

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NCAA Football: Oregon Spring Practice
Apr 21, 2017; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt talks with wide receiver Darren Carrington II (22) during spring practice at the Oregon Ducks outdoor practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Leavitt is fighting off comparisons between this years Oregon defense and his defense at Colorado that helped win the Pac 12 South. That defense also excelled in his second year with the team.

Meanwhile, Oregonlive wonders how good the defense can be this year under Leavitt. The references to his second year at Colorado continue, but one key difference is that the Colorado defense that year was built around veteran stars in the defensive backfield.

Duck Territory provides notes from the fourth practice of fall camp. Verone McKinley is looking like a player that will be firmly in the two deep for the defensive backs, adding depth to the position group.