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Witness The Fitness, Week 8

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Hi WTFers - this one’s going to be short, gotta run to meet my ‘roid dealer behind the airport Plaid Pantry.

We’ve got the 1st week of the 2nd half under our occasionally-loosening belts, keep on keepin’ on!

Also let’s welcome RedUniInLA, who has joined us for the stretch run!

There are a handful of other folks who joined up but never checked in much or at all - I’m going to trim you guys from the roster next week, drop a comment in here if you still want to be left on.

For this week’s optional reading, here’s a colorful profile of Jack LaLanne from Outside magazine. Probably no one did more to introduce newly-sedentary midcentury Americans to fitness for fitness’ sake

We’ll cap this off with a The Season Is Approaching training montage courtesy of the football team:

You know the drill by now, check in below!