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Jordon Scott (AKA Fat Mac) for Piesman Campaign

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Will Fat Mac evolve into the Mini Fridge?

NCAA Football: Oregon at Arizona State Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t know when, we don’t know how, and we can only guess what kind of awesome dance he’ll whip out when it happens, but Jordon Scott will score a touchdown in 2018.

Scott’s freshman year showed unlimited potential; he was nominated as one of FWAA’s Freshman All America, he made 247sports’ true-freshman all america, and was nominated by his teammates as Freshman of the Year.

Willie Taggart struck it big (literally) in his first and last season at Oregon with the commitment of Scott. The 345-pound, 6’1 tackle out of Largo, Florida was a three-star mainly due to his, what some would call, excessive size. However, since he’s arrived at Eugene, Fat Mac has lost 16-pounds and helped completely alter the identity of the Ducks’ defense.

Scott has played in every game of his young career, and started in the final 11 games of the season. Oregon’s rush defense improved from no. 122 in 2016 to no. 25 in 2017- Fat Mac was an undeniably large part of that drastic improvement.

Of course, in order for Scott to make some Piesman noise he will need to transform from Fat Mac to the Mini Fridge, in other words, he will need to score.

Which game is it most likely to occur in? Will Scott eat up the competition during one of Oregon’s non-conference cupcake games? Maybe not, since the staff may elect to reduce his playing time if the score gets out of hand early.

What will the play look like if/when he does score? Will it be a scoop and score off a fumble (perhaps ripped out of a QB’s hands by a blitzing Jalen Jelks?), will Scott have the stamina and wherewithal to combine a goal-line sack with a TD, or will we be lucky enough to see a Fat Mac pick six?

For a man his size, these feats may seem unobtainable, but anyone who questions his athletic ability doesn’t know Mac! Below is an example of Scott defying the odds (and gravity.)

Jordon Scott has already proven himself as one of the most valuable members of this Oregon squad. He has been a vocal recruiter, leader, and Duck fan. Justin Herbert is potentially the only player who held more value for the Ducks last season, and we as fans should consider ourselves blessed to root for this upstanding student-athlete.

If a Piesman isn’t in Scott’s future, then only a Heisman will suffice.

And for those of you that need a refresher, here is an SB Nation Article highlighting past Piesman glory!

Go Ducks and Go Fat Mac!