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Gamethread: Oregon Ducks VS Bowling Green Falcons

Week 1

Arizona v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Oregon (0-0) VS Bowling Green (0-0)



Here we are folks...

After years of being one of the powerhouses of this silly sport we call college football, the Oregon Ducks have fallen from grace through a series of public and painful blunders:

  • The Alamo Bowl
  • Too many two-point conversions at Nebraska
  • Washington breaking the streak at Autzen, 70-21
  • The Taggart hype train!
  • Herbert’s injury at Cal
  • The Taggart hate train!
  • Once again being beaten by the Broncos

I know none of you want to be reminded of these atrocities, but they happened, nonetheless.

But we’re still the DUCKS, goddamn it! We’ve been through worse and it’s time for unparalleled HYPE! Why? Because we have:

  • Justin Herbert
  • Tony Brooks-James
  • Jordon “Fat Mac” Scott
  • Troy Dye
  • Ugochukwu Amadi
  • Jim Leavitt
  • A head coach that will stick around for longer than one year.
  • A ton of talented freshman!

We going 12-0, baby!