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Witness The Fitness, Week 13

The WTF saga enters lucky Week 13 and the end is nigh!

We are Frodo & Sam climbing the smoking slopes of Mount Doom, Lewis & Clark canoeing down Celilo Falls on the Columbia, Dennis Dixon up 20 in the 4th quarter of our 2007 national championship. Almost there but still some work to be done.

Participation was up from last week - thanks for sticking with it everyone! Look forward to hearing all of our recaps when WTF is finished in a couple Saturdays. My initial maths were off (liberal arts major, don’t judge) so looks like we’ll have an extra week tacked onto the chart if we want to officially end on the Stanford game.

Just for old time’s sake, a clip from Oregon’s competitive diving team:

Check in below! As always, if I missed your check-in last time feel free to flog me in the comments and I’ll make the correction.