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Witness The Fitness: The Finish Line!

IT IS DONE! Witness The Fitness 2018 has been completed. The final chart is in:

Many thanks to everyone who embarked on this quest together! Aside from the mutual support – which was great – there were a ton of practical tips, discussions, suggestions, inspiration from the Ducks coaching staff, etc. Special props to all those who managed 10+ check-ins over the course of the challenge:

Alfred Jodocus Kwak
Akili’s Heel
Ionescu’s Ponytail
Famous Duck

Also thanks to both Gorby & RedUniInLA, who joined up with us late but finished pretty strong too. I’d wager that every single one of us finished the challenge in better shape than we started.

I figure we can use this last post to optionally recap how things went. How did you do relative to your original and/or adjusted goals? What did you learn? What worked, what didn’t? What was fun, what sucked? Things you’ll do differently next time?

Also let me know if you might be interested in doing this again next offseason, if there are enough folks I’ll start it up again in 2019.

In the meantime, give yourselves a hand! It’s so damn easy to get sidetracked with this stuff, and whether or not you perfectly achieved your targets (I didn’t) you still stuck with it for the entire summer & more. Congrats & Go Ducks!