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Dishing Quack: Meet New ATQ Writer Colt Johnson

No I didn’t make that name up

Tennessee Tech v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

My dearest Quacklings, please join me in extending a warm ATQ welcome to our newest writer, Colt Johnson! AND IMMEDIATELY on Day 1, Colt Johnson wins the ATQ all-name contest, hands down. Seriously Colt, your parents were the two coolest humans ever to walk in Minnesota (okay, not saying much, I get it) to bestow that badass moniker on you at birth. That name is so boss I’m almost afraid to write about you.

BUT since this is ATQ, it’s not enough to just write about it - we’re going to need to meme-i-fy the hell out of it:

-When Colt Johnson crosses the street, cars look both ways.

-Colt Johnson once punched the earth, it still hasn’t stopped spinning.

-Mewtwo tries to catch Colt Johnson.

-A king cobra bit Colt Johnson, died 2 days later.

OKAY we could do this all day folks (and I’m sure you will...) but let’s get to know our newest badass writer!

1. Tell us about your background with the University of Oregon. Are you an alum? A general fan?

-Unfortunately I don’t have much of a background with the Ducks or the University. I’m just a really big fan that may or may not have jumped on the bandwagon at the right time! I first became a fan when Oregon signed their deal with Nike in 2011-12 unveiling their new jerseys. After that I was hooked. It didn’t hurt that Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota had the Ducks at the top of college football. I always knew he was gonna make a better QB than Winston.

2. Tell us a little about yourself IRL. Where do you currently reside? What are your hobbies? Have you previously written for other sports sites?

-Well, I’m actually from Minnesota, born and raised in the Twin Cities. After high school I went to Minnesota State University, Mankato and graduated with a degree in Mass Media. I also wrote for my university’s newspaper, The Reporter, where I covered our football team who is highly ranked in DII football and the hockey team, which is well known in DI college hockey as well. I’ve also done a little freelance writing on the side, but nothing too crazy. My hobbies include playing golf, losing track of what day it is during the fantasy football season, which has now replaced fall. Oh, and last, but not least enjoying a good beer with better people! ATQ is actually the first site I have written for.

3. What what sports/topics will you be writing about at ATQ?

-Football and football topics primarily, but I wouldn’t be afraid to mix in a little basketball talk as well. I follow the Duck’s BB team heavily as well and it should make for an interesting year with their best recruiting class in history.

4. Favorite Duck memory?

-My favorite Duck memory would probably be watching them get to the Final 4 just a few years ago. That was quite a feat they accomplished and looking back at it they had quite the cast from Dillon Brooks, to Tyler Dorsey, to probably the best of the three in the NBA in Jordan Bell.

5. What team would be your dream match-up for the Ducks in football? Why?

-To be the best you have to beat the best. So I guess my dream matchup would be meeting say oh, I don’t know, Alabama in the championship and whipping that smug look of Saban’s face.

6. What aspect or part of the team are you most excited to see play out in the early season?

-I’m actually really interested to see how the Duck’s defense plays this year. They have a lot of talent in their secondary and some decent pass rushers. If they can apply some pressure to opponent’s offenses, specifically their QB’s, we might get to see some special plays on defense, which would be a nice change of pace. The defense could be good this year. Also my eyes will be heavily on Justin Herbert. He’s a potential 1st round pick in the NFL and he’ll need to be the leader on the field and in the locker room if the Duck’s want to be their best. The Ducks can only fly as high as Herbert can take them.

7. Mario Cristobal - for the love of god, CAN HE COACH??

-That’s an interesting question. Even with the 0-1 record, I’m going to take the safe bet that he’s a great coach based on who he has worked under and his tutelage. What we do know is the man can recruit. He showed that under head coach Nick Saban, routinely recruiting the best players/talent and consistently having the best recruiting classes. Actually, thinking about it, since he’s left, ‘Bama’s recruiting hasn’t been the top in CFB, but don’t quote me on that!

8. Obligatory: Twizzlers or Red Vines? Five Guys or In and Out? Fruit in beer – delicious nirvana or evil abomination?

-Twizzlers, if not, don’t talk to me. Just kidding! But if we do talk, probably don’t lead off with that. Five guys all the way, but when I get to the west coast In n Out is one of the first places I go! Regarding the beer, I love tossing a pickle in a cold Michelob Golden Light, but never in a quality craft beer. Those were meant to be as they are, delicious.