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Witness The Fitness, Week 12

Steve Prefontaine USA

Football season has begun, which means WTF nears its conclusion. Our journey ends on Saturday Sept 22nd - the Pac-12 opener and incidentally the first day of autumn, which seems apt.

Participation’s been great throughout August, but last week we had maybe our spottiest check-in rate yet. DON’T DROP THE BALL PEOPLE, WE’RE NOT KAELIN CLAY, WE CROSS THE GOAL LINE. Two and half mo’ weeks, we got this!

Gameday Is Carb Day: I’ll be honest, in recent years Saturdays are reliably my worst days health-wise. Start with a couple drinks to relax & then usually some kind of saturated fat-laden meat, lots of couch time where the only exercise is occasional nervous pacing around the living room. If the game is close, stress beer. If we’re winning, celebration beer. And if losing, well, got to drown those sorrows. Always a couple bowls of chips around too. After last year’s UCLA game I did a rough tally of the calorie intake and it was not pretty.

Imagine I’m not the only one experiencing this effect. So in 2018 I’m trying to come up with strategies for a gameday experience that doesn’t involve 2,500+ calories in 4 hours. Not necessarily vegan teetotaler doing yoga during commercial breaks, just cuts here & there to trim some gratuitous fat off the day.

Anyone else with me? Any workarounds that you’ve found, or plan to try?

Fill The Sleeves T-shirts: That’s right, they are for sale & a portion of the proceeds goes to Special Olympics Oregon!

Check in below & GO DUCKS!!!