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2019 Senior Bowl Stock Up, Stock Down (Offense)

Which prospects saw their stocks rise and fall after the Senior Bowl week on offense?

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl
A frequent sight of Terry McLaurin
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports


Stock UP

1. Penny Hart 5’8 180 WR Georgia State

- Hart was one of the biggest winners of the week overall. He abused every defensive back he went up against in the one on ones. There were several splash plays, including one where he roasted a corner on a slant route for an easy TD. He’s an electrifying athlete that can beat the best of the best in a footrace. A super quick twitch athlete that can make DBs look foolish.

2. Terry McLaurin 6’1 205 WR Ohio State

- Terry Mac was THE WR1 of either team throughout the week. He so utterly destroyed defensive backs in every way imaginable, be it with clever route running or just pure unadulterated speed. He was a little underused at Ohio State but can explode on the NFL scene if used right. He had a case for being the best player in the entire city of Mobile.

3. Garrett Bradbury 6’3 300 C NC State

- Bradbury was the offensive lineman who helped his stock the most this week. He was a force of nature, rarely losing a rep at all. He was serving out pancakes like he was IHOP. Has a bright future in the NFL if this week is any indication. My notes were filled with Bradbury winning rep after rep.

4. Dalton Risner 6’5 308 OL Kansas State

- There was talk entering the week that he would have to move to guard to have pro success but leaving it, he was THE tackle of the entire event. Just how dominant was he? Risner didn’t lose a single rep at all. He dominated the much hyped EDGE Montez Sweat to a standstill multiple times. A case could be made that he was the OT1 on either side.

5. Chuma Edoga 6’4 295 OT USC

- Edoga was equally as dominant as Risner was on his reps. He showed a ton of great footwork to go along with a fierce punch to wall off pass rushers. He mirrored the defender very well. He had a critical block downfield on a touchdown in the game as well. A fast riser up the boards. Won the Player of the Week award over some high quality talent. I have to watch more tape of him.

6. Chris Lindstrom 6’4 310 OG Boston College

- Lindstrom was the star of the interior offensive linemen. He was great throughout the week. He won about 90% of the reps that I watched him on and drew Khalen Saunders on Day 3. Was downright scary good during the game as well. He handled every assignment with ease. Fast riser up the boards.

7. Keelan Doss 6’3 206 WR UC Davis

- Doss was all over the place in both practices and the game. He made incredible catches routine. Excelled in his route running, which had defensive backs looking foolish. He’s a bigger receiver at 6’3. Accelerates off the line very well for a big guy. Had a monster week that has boosted his stock tremendously.

8. Andy Isabella 5’10 195 WR UMASS

- Everyone’s draft darling had a mostly solid week, albeit a bit more quietly compared to the other receivers. He had several instances of just punking DBs with his route running ability in practices. Fits as an excellent slot receiver at the next level. He did what he was supposed to do.

9. Nate Davis 6’3 311 OG Charlotte

- Yet another offensive lineman that had a great week. He’s a road grading mauler type of guard that dished out several pancakes in practices. Won a majority of his reps and finished most of them. He’s a small school that proved that he belonged at this level. Absolute monster week.

10. Erik McCoy 6’4 315 C Texas A&M

- McCoy had a winning week as well. He was very good in one on ones, winning most of his reps quite handily. The center to QB exchanges were very good (which can be an issue given the newness of each party). He showed a lot of promise and increased his stock.

11. Dexter Williams 5’11 215 RB Notre Dame

- Williams has a very strong case that he was the most impressive running back in Mobile. He showed very good explosion and finished every rep all the way through to the other side of the field. Showed great feet and vision. Rarely lost a rep in one on one running drills. Looked a bit lost in pass pro, however. He really improved his stock.

Stock DOWN

1. Jaylen Smith 6’4 220 WR Louisville

- It will go down in the annals of all time draft mysteries (like Poona Ford not being invited to the 2018 Combine) that Smith was even invited to this event. He’s simply not good enough for this level of competition. He looked like he was putting actual effort into being slow off the line. There was so little separation between him and the defender that it looked like the defender was in the same uniform. He’s Devin Funchess 2.0. A tight end in a receiver’s body.

2. Trace McSorely 6’0 203 QB Penn State

- If he was looking to impress scouts on the field, well, it didn’t turn out that way. He looked and was physically overmatched by the other QBs. He just doesn’t belong on an NFL field unless as a backup in the preseason getting garbage time snaps. The arm just isn’t there and the footwork is a mess. He confirmed this in the game as well. The week mercifully ended for him as any further snaps would’ve seen him likely undrafted in the CFL draft, much less the NFL one.

3. Max Scharping 6’6 320 OT Northern Illinois

- Not to belabor the point but here’s a tweet that sums up his week perfectly. It was this on constant repeat.

4. Caleb Wilson 6’4 235 TE UCLA

- Wilson had a chance to impress people on short notice due to being an injury replacement but he failed to grasp that chance. He wasn’t great on Day 3 of practice and that effort carried over to the game where he was unremarkable until he really lost it on a fumble. Not ideal.

5. Daniel Jones 6’5 220 QB Duke

- Let’s just say that he’s had better weeks. As you may have read in my daily recaps, Jones had a bad time of things. He wasn’t near the first round prospect that some made him out to be. Footwork is a complete mess and his arm is not NFL caliber.

6. Ryan Finley 6’4 212 QB NC State

- Finley is what he is at this point. A career backup with 0 shot at starting because of his lack of arm strength. He’s really good unless a throw is required for more than 15 yards then it gets really dicey. The arm talent just isn’t there.


Stock UP

1. Deebo Samuel 6’0 210 WR South Carolina

- Deebo was the alpha of the South wide receiver corps throughout the week. He made play after play and made it seem effortless. There’s not much else to be said. He’s been that good. This year’s James Washington in the Senior Bowl.

2. Gary Jennings Jr 6’2 215 WR West Virginia

- Jennings had a masterful week in which he proved that he was the best Mountaineers receiver instead of David Sills. He wasn’t as great as the aforementioned receiver but he did his work quietly. Route running was great. Won a majority of his one on one reps. Looks a lot bigger than listed. Good speed.

3. Tyre Brady 6’3 206 WR Marshall

- Brady had a solid week of practices. He didn’t stand out but did some quality work behind the scenes. Made a couple of great catches throughout. Put himself on the map with this event.

4. Hunter Renfrow 5’10 180 WR Clemson

- The other candidate at receiver to get drafted by the New England Patriots. He was the Renfrow that we all know. Always finds a way to get open and make the catch.

5. Foster Moreau 6’6 256 TE LSU

- Moreau was the best tight end in Mobile. He routinely beat his one on one assignments throughout the week. Came in underrated due to the not good nature of the LSU offense and left a legit TE prospect that is worth a mid round draft pick. He had a great week of practice.

6. Dax Raymond 6’5 260 TE Utah State

- Raymond had himself a good week of practices. He made several big time catches and won several one on ones in pass pro. The Aggie tight end definitely boosted his stock in Mobile.

7. Wes Hills 6’2 218 RB Slippery Rock

- Hills made his name in the Day 2 practice held inside the indoor practice facility at South Alabama. He’s a lot quicker than I expected for a guy his size. A good prospect in the pass game as well.

8. Elgton Jenkins 6’4 310 C Mississippi State

- Jenkins had a solid week of practices, winning several reps in dominating fashion. He’s a hoss to deal with. The second best center in Mobile.

9. Trevon Wesco 6’4 274 FB West Virginia

- Wesco proved to everyone that he isn’t a throwback fullback by showing that he can catch out of the backfield. He certainly had some great one on one reps in pass pro though. Won nearly every rep thar I saw him in. Had a great week. He’s a big guy that could potentially be used as an utility FB/TE guy.

10. Andre Dillard 6’5 306 OT Washington State

- Dillard wowed this week after several good practices. It has everyone going back to the tape to reevaluate him at the Palouse. He was very good in one on ones. Was a winner every day this past week.

Stock DOWN

1. Tytus Howard 6’6 311 OT Alabama State

- Howard looked like he didn’t belong at this level. He was losing nearly every rep in one on ones and in team drills. Had a bad week and needs to improve during the rest of the offseason process.

2. Oli Udoh 6’5 356 OT Elon

- Udoh had several nice reps here and there but overall, it wasn’t a good week for him. He needs to lose some weight to get faster on his feet. Right now, he projects as a guard. Needs a big offseason process to recover some stock.

3. Dennis Daley 6’6 324 OT South Carolina

- Largely unremarkable but got beat in several reps in one on ones. Needed a big week in lieu of several other tackles going off but failed to do so.

4. Will Grier 6’2 223 QB West Virginia

- He just doesn’t have the arm to make it as a starter. He was throwing high on a lot of passes to overcompensate the lack of arm. That gets a lot of interceptions in the NFL. The footwork isn’t ideal either. Had a horrible Senior Bowl game. Needed to cement his stock but is dropping like a rock.

5. Gardner Minshew II 6’2 220 QB Washington State

- Minshew is what he is at this point. A guy with an average arm with very little experience in a pro style system. He will need some time to develop. Had a terrible effort in the actual game.

6. David Sills V 6’4 210 WR West Virginia

- He did nothing comparatively speaking to the other receivers given his hype coming into the week. He had several splash plays here and there but was quiet otherwise.